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Topics: Writing, Academia, Rhetoric Pages: 16 (3121 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Benedict College
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Mass Communication

Fall Course Syllabus

Course ID ENG 137 Section H9 3SCH

Meeting Days:Meeting Time(s):
Office Location:Instructor: F. Hardy
Office Hours:Office Phone:

Course Catalogue Description: This course introduces college-level, thesis-driven, research-based writing with specific instruction in academic reading and writing, varied forms of essays, writing as a process, critical thinking, close reading and standards of academic discourse.

Course Description: This content of the course includes argumentative and analytical writing, as well as techniques of basic research paper writing. The course also incorporates debates and other oral activities.

An honor section is offered as ENG 137(H). Prerequisite: English 135 Freshman Comp I with a grade of “C” or better.

Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, you (the student) will be able to do the following: • Generate written assignments using various electronic devices via multimedia and document software. CL1, CL2 • Utilize course management system to access, submit, and research course content, materials and assignments. CL3 • Articulate thoughts in an organized and purposeful manner through oral and written communication. • Speak coherently and respond effectively to various audiences using the conventions of Standard American English (SAE). EC2 • Write coherently and respond effectively to various audiences using the conventions of Standard American English (SAE). EC2 • Critique information from both oral and written texts. EC3 • Review oral and written texts to synthesize information. EC3, AC1, AC2 • Engage intellectually with texts to support comprehension and interpretation of the selections by citing textual evidence in oral and written activities. EC1, EC2, EC3; AC1, AC2, AC3; AR2 • Actively participate in the writing process and incorporate introductory research techniques. CL2;EC1, EC2, EC3; DM2 • Formulate an articulate, aesthetic response to literature and its contribution to the global society. SI1; GP2; CIT1; AR1, AR2 Method of Instruction:

Each unit introduces the student to rhetorical strategies useful for drafting. Each unit will feature an essay assignment requiring the student to apply one or more of these rhetorical strategies. Also, smaller assignments in each unit will allow the student to explore the different strategies being used by an author.

Your English 135 course will be facilitated through a variety of instructional methods to include, but not limited to, interactive lectures, discussions, group collaboration, modeling, multimedia presentations and resources.

This course content will be delivered within the Edvance 360 learning management system. This means that the instructor is the facilitator of learning the student is responsible for actively participating in the learning process.

Requirements for Essays:
For each essay assignment, students will receive a rubric that details expectations for a grade of A, B, C, and D.

APA Statement:
All freshman courses will use APA (American Psychological Association) Documentation Style for oral and written work. APA is a method of documentation I research that uses in-text (parenthetical) citations to give credit to sources by directing the reader to the list of references used in the academic work.

Plagiarism Statement:
In accordance with Benedict College Policy, plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty that occurs when a student intentionally or unintentionally submits written and/or oral published or unpublished works to include, but not limited to, words, ideas, data, or structure belonging to another in a paper, oral report, or other assignment without appropriate documentation and/or permission. Plagiarism...
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