A Rose by Any Other Name

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A Rose by Any Other Name
Spring 2012
Green, Alysha

To summarize A Rose by Any Other Name Case, CEO Tom Rose has two marketing strategies to choose from that could equally greatly impact his business. The original strategy is the launch of a brand line named Rose Partyware, which will showcase a new printing technology that will improve quality and reduce costs. Rose will potential be the first branded party ware line that will jumpstart Rose ahead of its competitors. The only downside is that it is going to be more expensive than it was originally projected. On the other hand a major competitor, Party!, decided to brand its own name and wants Rose to manufacture it. In order to make the best decision between the two strategies, Rose Partyware will need to determine key questions and then do an analysis to answer the questions. When looking at both strategies, a couple questions come to mind. The first question will be; which decision will be most successful for Rose’s future? Then after deciding between the strategies, the next question will be; how will Rose’s implement that choice successfully? We begin by conducting a 5 C’s analysis to give a better understanding of Rose’s current situation and help answer the key questions. The 5 C’s are customer, company, competitor, collaborator and context analysis. Customer Analysis

As stated in the case, some of Rose’s customers are mass retailers, drugstores chains, and big regional grocers but most of Rose’s loyalty lies with the independent retailers. Tom’s heart has always been in this group because the smaller retailers focus on providing their customers with more of a personalized service. He felt he owed them for Rose’s success over the years. Also most importantly is the end user, the consumers, who actually make the buying decision. There five major roles in buying situations; the initiators, the deciders, the influencers, the purchasers and the users. The retailers are the initiators and the deciders. They recognize that there is a value in branding party ware items because there aren’t any in the industry. They also decide on which brand they will feature in their stores. The customers are the influencers who determine the features they like and how they much they are willing to pay for the party ware. The purchasers are the retailers and the consumers. The retailers will purchase what they will sell in the stores, while the consumers evaluate which brand they will buy. Then the end user is the consumer who will entertain their families and friends with the party ware. Company Analysis

In order the properly analyze the company a SWOT analysis is needed. The strengths and the weaknesses are what the firm is experiencing internally. The opportunity and strengths are what the firm is facing externally. Refer to Appendix A for the complete SWOT analysis. When analyzing the SWOT analysis, some of the weaknesses and threats are determined by a specific strategy. The most important weakness is that Rose doesn’t have the capacity to create its own brand image and manufacture for Party! simultaneously. Rose has many factors to consider and each strategy can potentially damage the company. There needs to be more analysis to determine the right strategy. Competitor analysis

Since Rose Partyware is in the commodity industry, difficultly lies in successfully branding an item and continuing to stay profitable. So far Rose has succeeded in being profitable mainly because they have an extremely loyal independent market. To get a better understanding of the industry, a Porter’s Five Forces Model will be conducted. Identifying both strategies with in the model will determine the long-run attractiveness of the industry and how it greatly effects the strategy decision. Refer to Appendix B for the complete analysis of the Porters Five Forces Model. Collaborator Analysis

There is a difference in the collaboration with both strategies. Considering Rose’s branding strategy, the...
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