A Marketing Campaign Proposal for Victoria Beckham in Brazilian Market

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BA (Hons) Fashion Management Unit: The Future of Fashion: A Business Perspective

A Marketing Campaign Proposal For Victoria Beckham in Brazilian Market Yuou Du DU_10286856
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Table of Contents
1.o Executive Summary! 2.0 Aim and Objectives! 3.0 The Global Luxury Market! 3.1 Market Recovery and Growth! 3.2 Importance of Tourists Spending! 3.3 Engagement in Social Medias!

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4.0 The Brazilian Market!
4.1 The Market Environment! 4.2 The Consumers! 4.3 The Importance of social networks! 4.4 PESTLE Analysis!

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5.0 The Brand-Victoria Beckham!
5.1 Brand Identity! 5.2 Marketing Mix! 5.3 SWOT!

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6.0 An Opportunity for Victoria Beckham! 7.0 Campaign Strategy and Coordinated Actions! 7.1 A Pinterest Campaign!

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8.0 Campaign Evaluation! 9.0 Conclusion! Bibliography! Appendices!

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1.o Executive Summary

This report proposes a commercially realistic proposal for the international luxury brand, Victoria Beckham. Considering the changing and competing of the global luxury market, Luxury brands have to engage with the changing while remaining the personal identity. Emerging markets are becoming the important purchasing power, in which the luxury retailers should stand out and focus on these markets during their international expansion. The proposal will based on the analysis of the changes in global luxury industry and the potential of the Brazilian luxury market, evaluating the business development aspect of Victoria Beckham, providing a specific marketing campaign plan with the aim of achieving awareness in short term and a foundation of future expansion in long term.


2.0 Aim and Objectives

During the period of 2014 FIFA World Cup, is an opportunity for Victoria Beckham to take the chance of exploring the potential Brazilian market. Since Victoria Beckham herself is the perfect and most effective advertisement for her Brand. During the world cup, with her husband David Beckham is the perfect time to drive the attention in the Brazilian market.

Three main objectives will be achieved by holding a viral marketing campaign through social networks.

• Increase brand awareness and increase the retention of customers in Brazil. • Improve consumer knowledge on the brand. • Providing database for future decisions on retailing strategies in Brazil.


3.0 The Global Luxury Market
3.1 Market Recovery and Growth After experiencing the downturn of the global luxury market, the sector has pick up gradually from 2010. Then there was a strong recovery in the market continued which during 2011, during which it had a 9.8% growth in sales (Verdict, 2011). (See Appendix 1) The global expenditure is forecasted to grow by 64.4% to $542.5bn during 2010-2015 (Verdict, 2011). It has been indicated that most growth in Europe and the Americas will come from emerging markets, like Russian, Central and Eastern Europe, Brazil and Mexico (Verdict, 2011).

3.2 Importance of Tourists Spending Tourist customers are key for luxury retailers. Though Europe has remained the largest region for luxury goods consumption, one should not forget that key European cities, like London and Paris, drive the consumption of the luxury goods sector and tourists’ spending from emerging countries (Verdict, 2011).

3.3 Engagement in Social Medias Compared to other retail sectors, luxury retailers are left behind in innovations in social media but they are slowly catching up (Verdict, 2011). Facebook and other social networks have become increasingly popular with luxury brands. In 2010, 11 luxury retailers have launched some interesting social media campaigns that resulted in high fan engagement (Verdict, 2011). In luxury market, the relationship between the brand and the customers is particular important. It helps building brand image, unique customer connection and relationship, as well as...
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