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A. Topic
Current Environmental Problems
* Global Warming - Global warming is one of the major issues that we are being faced with today. The term signifies an increase in the atmospheric temperature near the earth's surface, which is caused due to various reasons. Global warming has thus caused a change in the climate of the earth, causing temperatures to rise. * Ozone Depletion - Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are considered to be the main cause of ozone depletion. The term ozone depletion implies a decline in the quantity of ozone in the earth's stratosphere. * Pollution - is something that we face on an everyday basis. It is probably a problem that we may have become immune to, given our fast-paced lives and the fact that it is being treated as a hackneyed issue, where a lot is spoken about but nothing concrete is ever done. * Loss of Natural Resources - With the alarming rate of increase in population, the loss of natural resources has become one of the major concerns. Issues like deforestation, animal extinction, shortage of water, lack of space and food are only some of the concerns brought on by the lack of resources. There are many reasons that lead to the loss of natural resources (increasing demands brought on by population explosion, disregard for nature, human greed). This, in turn, affects the varied ecosystems. * Nuclear Problems - is generated from the splitting of uranium atoms. This energy is used to create steam, which in turn is used to produce electricity. While there are definite advantages of generating nuclear power, what stands equally true is the fact that the process of producing the same harms the environment in many ways. * Loss of Biodiversity - refers to the combination of a diverse range of species on earth. The varied plants, animals and microorganisms, the different ecosystems (coral reefs, deserts, rain forests, etc.) all have a unique role to play in the cycle of earth. These diverse species lead to the boost of varied ecosystems, which thus enables them to prevent, as well as recover from several disasters. However, due to varied human activities like deforestation, and hunting, the natural habitats as well as the survival of several species are being threatened. * Improper Waste Management - Wastes can be of several kinds (industrial, nuclear, chemical, domestic), and each can lead to environmental degradation. From excessive plastic used at home to the radioactive waste produced by nuclear plants, the impact can be disastrous. Not only are these wastes harmful on their own, but the techniques (or the lack) of waste management and disposal adds to this problem manifold. Emissions from industries as well as toxic by-products like mercury, crude oil, plastic and lead are not properly disposed off. They are dumped into the oceans and soil, thus leading to disastrous impacts on all life forms.

Ecological balance
* Stability in an ecosystem achieved through the development of equilibrium among its various components. This does not imply that the community is static. It is subject to natural variations associated with ecological succession and other influences such as fire, disease and climate change. Ecological balance a stable balance in the numbers of each species in an ecosystem .In the ecosystem of the mouth this balance is brought about by competition and cooperation between the different organism and the hosts defenses which tend to control population size a stable environment in which live a large number of different forms of life, each affecting the other. Example is a forest, desert, tidal area, soil, oral cavity, gut.

Ways of maintaining the ecological balance
* Manage Natural Resources Carefully - The expansion of civilization inflicts a growing burden on the ecosystem. Minerals, fossil fuels and other natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Overfishing and habitat...

References: http://www.ehow.com/info_8482650_ways-maintain-ecological-balance.html
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