Writings of Plautus

Topics: Ancient Rome, Slavery, Roman Empire Pages: 4 (1386 words) Published: February 3, 2014
In Plautus’ plays The Haunted House and The Pot of Gold Plautus tells stories of families staged during the ancient times in Athens. Throughout the plays Plautus depicts the Roman society. Giving insight to many Roman social concerns such as women, and women rights, how important politics were to the Romans, slavery, and father son relationships. Throughout Plautus’ writings it is very evident that women in the Roman society were to stay home cook, clean, manage the household they did not carry the same value as the men of the household. It is in the play Pot of Gold where Eunomia one of the main girl characters clearly states this while in conversation with her brother she says on line 122 “Although I’m a woman and really don’t matter, (For men think that women just prattle and chatter)”. This states that in the ancient Roman society Roman men did not think very highly of women. Eunomia goes on to say line 140 “No women is noble—some are just less bad” Women were not respected by the men. Women were thought of to be the caretaker of the children, it was expected of them to bear children. It was of great importance that women knew how to spin wool to make clothing or those in their family. ("Ancient Rome :: Roman Society.") Women did not get to choose who they marry, it is chosen for them by their father the Play The Pot of Gold on line 270 Euclio talks about how he has chosen a husband for his daughter “My daughter’s getting married-- right away-- to Megadorus” It was very important to men at this time that they receive a dowry from his soon to be wife’s family, in The Pot of Gold Plautus writes a great deal concerning this subject even though one of the main characters Euclio has a pot of gold that only he knows of, everyone else thinks he is a poor man, when Megadorus wants to marry Eucilos daughter there is long conversation between the two discussing how Eucilos has no money to pay the dowry and Megadorus agrees that there is...

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