Write an Essay on Sustainable Development in Which You: Describe the Term Sustainable Development(No More Than One Page), Discuss Any Three of the Following Problems Facing Sustainable Development: Erosion,

Topics: Erosion, Biodiversity, Deforestation Pages: 7 (2030 words) Published: April 24, 2013
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Due date: 22 March 2013
Title : describe the term sustainable development and discuss any three of the following problems facing sustainable development:erosion,deforestation,pollution and access to resources Table of contents

2.Define and describe ecology
3.Describe Sustainable Development
4.Discuss Erosion, Deforestation and pollution

In this assignment different aspects with relation to sustainable development will be defined and discussed. Ecology is the study of earth and it explains issues pertaining to ecology and how it is managed. It is a word that is most often confused with environment. Sustainable Development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Deforestation, Pollution and erosion will be discussed.

Define and describe Ecology
Each day the sunrises and we begin our daily grind, we inevitably will be in touch with the ecology that surround us. When we run the water to brush our teeth and take our showers, when we get in our vehicles and drive to work, when we come home and check our email on our computers, when we call our friends on our cell phones, and when we dispose of our trash throughout our day.(Article:www.botany.uwc.ac.za) “Ecology is the study of our earth – it’s relationships with organisms and their environment, and how those relationships affect the planet. There is a lot we can do as a species to help our environment sustain itself. And a great way to begin is to get educated.”

As defined by Wikipedia, Ecology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the distribution and abudance of organisms and their interactions with the environment. Ecology as a word is derived from two Greek words “oikos” which means house or household and “logia” which means the study of. Additionally Wikipedia says that the concern of ecology as a field is the network or inter-relationship of all organisms at varying scales of organization. Some of these inter-relationships include external relations and interactions between and among organisms, life processes which result and explain various methods of adaptations, the flow of materials and energy through living communities, successional development of ecosystems and the abundance and distribution of biodiversity in relation to the environment.

Ecology as a word is most often confused with environment. It is however an entirely different from environmental studies in that it is one of the few academic pursuits that are concerned with holism. Environment describes all external or abiotic factors of an organism like temperature range where they thrive, chemistry that is optimum to them, and other factors that exist external to the organism. Ecology also seeks to describe internal or biotic factors such as genetic factors, cells, members of species and other organisms sharing the habitat with them. Ecology is also district from natural history which deals on with the descriptive study of organisms.

Describe the term sustainable development
(Regan C Introduction to development studies 80:20, 63) “Sustainable Development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. There are challenges in the developing countries such as money and poverty which people struggle to meet their basic needs of survival. (Robert Allen, How to save the world,London,Kogan page,1980) in (Jennifer a Elliot, An Introduction to sustainable Development,1994:3) mentioned that sustainable development is likely to achieve lasting satisfaction of human needs and improvement of the quality of human life. In broad terms the concept of sustainable development encompasses. Help for the very poor because they are left with no option other than to destroy their...

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