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Topics: Brand management, Brand, Branding Pages: 4 (1140 words) Published: December 17, 2012
A proposal to analyse the relative importance of brand management in the service sector and the brand strategies employed by the cinemas in the UK.

The proposed subject area for this project is brand management. The organisation which I have chosen to use as my ‘host’ is ODEON cinema. The topic Brand Management is of interest to me because I personally am a brand fan. Before choosing a certain product, I look at what the brand is before buying the product. It is important in relevance of business Branding is relevant in business because brand = a promise. For businesses it is a marketing strategy which is important in all sizes of businesses. This research is of interest to many people as branding is very important to some. Before looking at any product or service, consumers first see the brand name and sometimes some are not as concerned about the brand. This will be investigated in the report. This is interesting because the question ‘does the brand make a difference?’ comes to a lot of consumers’ minds. ODEON is the largest cinema in the UK, with over 100 cinemas. It was founded Oscar Deutsch in 1930 and acquired by J Arthur Rank in 1941. I will be researching the importance of brand management and what strategies different cinemas in order to understand the importance and popularity of the brand i.e. ODEON and also to investigate does branding really matter? The research aims to establish the theories and concepts in relation to brand management and to understand the importance. It also aims to establish the findings of consumer perceptions about branding and the ODEON. The broad studying of brand management will be used in relation to the cinema as it will allow us to see how consumers see the brand ODEON. By understanding what branding is and the importance of branding, it will help in understanding the different types of cinemas brands and assist in the primary researching about opinions of cinemas and brands.

Consumer behaviour...
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