Wild Life Conservation

Topics: Conservation biology, Biodiversity, Natural environment Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The protection, maintenance and control of wildlife are something that we humans have done for many, many years and we do have a responsibility to preserve the health and environment of wildlife. Today wildlife management is very much concerned with ecosystems and how a balance can be reached between different species, environments and modern life. We can add or decrease numbers of a population of a species by changing or moving wildlife habitats, aiding or moving food supplies and controlling the amount of predators or the spread of disease. Culling can be used where a species has got out of control and reintroduction of species into the wild has proven to be a fantastic way of increasing numbers of endangered animals and insects. Another area of wildlife management is really a preventative one where wildlife managers can minimise the external influences on the population and its habitat.

Wildlife management is a diverse subject that covers many different academic subjects and areas of work. The interdisciplinary nature of the subject means that both the study and employment opportunities are very varied. Conservation today seeks to protect natural resources including plant and animal species such as fish, wildlife, water, soil and forests to name a few, so it is understandable that higher education courses vary just as much.

Wildlife managers need to be sensitive to the needs of animals and the environment, have a good academic knowledge of natural science, animal care and control, land-based studies and have good communication and reporting skills. Volunteering is still the best way to get into wildlife management along with some relevant qualifications. Because the area is so varied it is a good idea to volunteer for different projects to give yourself more of an idea of the kind of work you would like to get into. The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, The National Trust, The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group and The World Wildlife Fund are...
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