What Is Happening To Our Land?

Topics: Greenhouse gas, Carbon dioxide, Desertification Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: December 7, 2013

What Is Happening To Our Land?
Frances Bradley
Dr. Jeronimo Ribaya

Taking its toll on our land; however, hope is not lost. Overcultivation has become a very large problem as populations continue to grow. Overgrazing has also become a big problem as the number of people rise. With the larger numbers of people on the planet today that are still on the upswing has brought on a huge problem with deforestation. Have no fear, although these things along with natural elements causing erosion of our land, there are things that can be done to help slow the effects of overcultivation, overgrazing, and deforestation and correct these issues which in turn will help save our land for future generations to come.

Overgrazing is when farmers let their herds of livestock on the same piece of land to feed for too long a period of time which does not let grasslands to recover this promotes major problems to the watersheds, streams, wildlife and endangered species an estimated cost of this ecological damage has been thought to be as much as $500 million. A solution to help this problem is to work on restoring the rangelands which will also help wildlife and cattle production. This really is not that difficult a task farmers just need plant reseeding perennial grasses and then simply move their animals before reseeding happens, basically it boils down to we become better caregivers of our planet, in my humble opinion. Moving on to the final topic I will be discussing that is helping our land to erode away, Deforestation.

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees which is resulting in our existing forest land and why are we as humans doing this to our land when tress are so vital to our very existence? Well due to the growing population on earth more trees are cut for lumber to build houses and to make paper products, more land has had to be cleared to plant crops or to house cattle in order to be able to meet the growing...

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