What Do You Identify as Sony's Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies? Does Sony Have a Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Branding Pages: 4 (1301 words) Published: October 21, 2010
What business is Billabong in and how does it differentiate itself? Billabong operates within the highly competitive surfwear industry comprised of the ‘Big Three’ including Quicksilver, Rip Curl and Billabong itself, along with a pool of smaller firms and specialist manufacturers. It employs a number of strategies in order to differentiate itself from these rivals and maintain its authentic association with surfing culture. These strategies include pursuing a niche market of 10-24 year old brand obsessed and anti mainstream consumers, multi branding, high involvement in multiple promotions to convey that Billabong is genuine and linked directly with the sport and also the strength of the brand itself. These strategies enable Billabong to successfully distinguish itself from its chief competitors and increase market share. The surfwear industry in which Billabong operates is complex as its exact size is indeterminable due to the vague boundaries between surfwear, skatewear and streetwear. What is clear, however, is that the market is highly competitive and is dominated by three major brands, Quicksilver, Rip Curl and Billabong. Quicksilver is the largest of all firms and has a business structure which differs from Rip Curl and Billabong. Unlike other surfwear outlets that generally target a youth market segment between the ages of 12 and 24, Quicksilver has extended its product line to accommodate for toddlers right through to older males in their 40’s. Although the brand is still primarily dominated by junior males, this has allowed Quicksilver to penetrate areas of the market which have been inaccessible to its competitors. Quicksilver have also diversified their brand to include manufacturing snowboards and apparel for both genders of all ages. However it is Quicksilver’s overall brand management and extensive networks that have enabled its sustainable and prosperous growth. Rip Curl is highly renowned for its original surf boards and later wet suits which...
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