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Reflection #1
1.) What does community service/volunteerism mean to you?
Community service/volunteerism is when someone is willing to devote their own time giving back to a community or society on a whole, not because you are told to do so but because you want to do it because it is our humble duty as citizens to help uplift our country to standout when compared to others. 2.) Which two of the four goals of vision 2030 do you think is most closely linked to community service/volunteerism? Why? Goal 1- Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Why? – We have a good cultural heritage when compared to other nations we are very diversified. Each individual member apart of this great nation can come together and with that being said anything can be achieved. Goal 4- Jamaica has a healthy natural environment.

Why? - As we all know cleanliness is next to godliness. Good sanitary hygiene is something that we all should practice so in regards to giving back to our community taking care of the environment and our surroundings would be the first in volunteering as it regards to the environment.

3.) Suggest one of the two goals discussed in (b) and suggest ways you can contribute to achieving this goal through your community service. Goal-Jamaica has a healthy natural environment.
Proper disposal areas could be implemented for solid waste. With that being said for Vision 2030 I think the relevant authorities such as NEPA and the NSWMA should implement strategic waste disposal policies which would lessen pollution weather by land or sea which would then in turn let this great nation live up to the popular saying “Land of Wood and Water’
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