Vita Lemontea Brand Audit

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Vitasoy Group was established in 1940. Vitasoy aims to maintain the leadership in promoting a superior quality of life through the production of high quality, great tasting and nutritious products that will satisfy customers in all markets. VITASOY has spread far beyond Hong Kong, and the group's products sell in over 40 markets around the world - including the USA, Canada, Mainland China, Europe, Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Guatemala, Trinidad and Venezuela. Now a listed company (0345.HK) on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong with plants located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia and the U.S.A., Vitasoy International is a dynamic, international organization setting new standards of quality and innovation wherever its products are sold. Vita is a brand under the Vitasoy Group.

Launched in 1979, VITA Lemon Tea - it was the world’s first ready-to-drink lemon tea, which blends red tea with a subtle lemon flavour - is extremely popular in Hong Kong and has secured a clear market leadership over the years, with a variety of teas, juices, distilled water and milk. When you think of VITA, Lemon Tea immediately comes to mind!

2.1. Demographic
The primary target customers of the Vita Lemon Tea are generally aged 15 – 30 who are mainly from secondary school students to young working adults.

The secondary target customers also those younger primary school students range from 11-14 and those working adults from 31-45. These target customers may not buy the Vita Lemon Tea drinks themselves regularly but may have chance to enjoy the drinks when their family members did.

The Vita Lemon Tea products suit for different income groups, from lower to upper class as the price of it is affordable to most customers since it costs only few coins for one.

Most of the customers are those schoolmates and the young working adults who mainly consume the lemon tea during lunch or sport activities. 2.2. Geographic
Wide spread sales network as Vita Lemon Tea is available in various packaging formats at different places, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, vending machines, etc. This make it convenient for anybody to enjoy the fabulous sensation whether on the go, together with friends…anywhere, anytime! 2.3. Behavioural

Product Consumption Rate
Consumption is mostly daily, depending on each individual drinking habits and the occasions.

Brand Loyalty
Vita Lemon Tea’s consumers are mostly loyal to Vita’s brand since its irreplaceable taste from other competitors, which is nearly the same as real lemon tea offered in Hong Kong local café. 3.0 MARKETING & BRANDING PROGRAMMES

3.1. Marketing Programs
As a local brand with long history, Vita produces different types of marketing programs such as television commercial, one-to-one marketing and outdoor advertising.

Television Advertising

In the mid 2010, Vita launched a series of TV commercials of Vita lemon tea and Vita Ceylon Lemon Tea. Vita invites a Hong Kong hip pop rapper– MC Jin as an endorser of Vita Lemon Tea in both of three TV commercials. In the commercial, MC Jin is rapping the song about the Vita Lemon Tea. Together with the animation of Vita Lemon Tea, receiver is able to memorize the song and Vita lemon tea easily.

Television advertising is able to reach a mass public audience quickly. Most of the television watchers can get a chance to receive the message from Vita lemon tea commercial. This is how an effective and powerful way of TV commercials distributes widely to the public.

One-to-one Marketing

By using technologies such as the Internet, Vita target individual consumers with individual marketing messages directly. For example, Vita’s official website and Facebook fans page.

For the Vita’s official website, it shows lots of information such as the latest marketing campaign of Vita lemon tea and television commercial videos. When visitor browses the Vita...
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