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History and Theory of Planning

The objective of this course is to understand the broad trajectories of urban spatial planning globally and how they have shaped the discourse of planning Indian cities. Who is a planner? How has the role of the planner changed? What are the historical traditions of planning that seem to influence contemporary planning practice? What are the emerging paradigms in urban spatial planning? Through seminars, case studies, response papers and assignments, the students will read, question and debate these broad questions. The purpose of this course is to 1. Understand planning as a socio-economic and cultural practice 2. Understand existing planning practices, its assumptions and biases, strengths and challenges 3. Specific opportunities and challenges of planning in India / “developing” countries”

Scott Campbell & Susan S. Fainstein, eds. Readings in Planning Theory (1996) Peter Hall. Cities Of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History Of Urban Planning And Design In The Twentieth Century [1996 (1988)] Robert Home. 1997. Of Planting and Planning: The Making of British Colonial Cities. Spon Press, London Anthony Sutcliffe. 1981. Towards the planned city, Germany, Britain, United States and France 1780-1914. Oxford: Basil Blackwell A.E.J. Morris. 1979. History of Urban Form Before the Industrial Revolutions. London:” George Godwin Kosambi, Meera. 1986.  Bombay in Transition: The Growth and Social Ecology of a Colonial City, 1880-1980, Stockholm, Sweden: Almqvist & Wiksell International Anthony Sutcliffe, ed. 1980. The Rise of Modern Urban Planning 1800-1914. London: Mansell Gordon E. Cherry, ed. 1980. Shaping an Urban World. London: Mansell. Sies & Silver, ed. 1996. Planning the 20th-Century American City. The Johns Hopkins University Press  W. Fulong, ed. 2007. China's Emerging Cities: The Making of New Urbanism. Routledge Sanyal, Bishwapariya, ed. 2005. Comparative Planning Cultures. Routledge


I. Class 1: 27th July 2013
1. Course Introduction
* Dyckman. 1973. What Makes Planners Plan in A. Faludi, ed., A Reader in Planning Theory. Oxford: Pergamon, p 243-50. * C. Abbott & S. Adler, "Historical Analysis as a Planning Tool", in Journal of the American Planning Association * Ch. 1, in Peter Hall, Cities Of Tomorrow

* Roy, Ananya. 2009. Why India Cannot Plan Its Cities: Informality, Insurgence and the Idiom of Urbanization. Planning Theory 8: 1 76-87 * Sanyal, Bishwapariya, ed. 2005. Chapter 1 in Comparative Planning Cultures

2. What is a City?
* Simmel, Georg. "The Metropolis and Mental Life," in The Sociology of Georg Simmel * Mumford, Lewis, ‘What Is a City?’
* Urbanization as defined in planning documents / any reports etc? * Louis Wirth, ‘Urbanism as a Way of Life’

Optional Readings
* Webber, Melvin ‘The Post-City Age’
* Glaeser, Edward L. "Why Economists Still Like Cities." City Journal, Vol. 6, No. 2, 1996, pp. 70-77.  * Lehmann, Nicholas, "Get out of Town: Has the Celebration of Cities Gone to Far?" The New Yorker, Jun 27, 2011 * Beauregard, Rober A. 1984. Making Planning Theory: A Retrospective. Urban Geogrpahy 5 (3): 255-61

3. Root causes of urban planning. The ideal plan as a response. * Ch. 2, in Peter Hall, Cities Of Tomorrow
* Ch. 1, in Anthony Sutcliffe, Towards the planned city
* Peter Hall. 1988 (1996 edition) “The City of Dreadful Night” in Cities of Tomorrow, p.13-46. * Friedrich Engels, 1872 (1975 edition) “How the Bourgeoisie Solves the Housing Question” in The Housing Question, p. 40-74. * Mike Davis. 2004. “Planet of Slums: Urban Involution and the Informal Proletariat” New Left Review 26, 5-34. * Home, Robert. 1997. Miracle-worker to the people: The Idea of Town Planning (1910-1935) in Of Planting and Planning: The Making of British Colonial Cities.

Optional Readings
* King,...
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