Unicef Case Analysis

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Why do organisations like UNICEF need branding?
i. UNICEF and its national committees were facing increased competition, particularly from child sponsor organizations such as Save the Children and World Vision. These organizations raised more money than UNICEF and UNICEF also failed in forging corporate ties. This may be also because since it was thought to be related UN people considered it to be rich. ii. UNICEF got the major chunk of its income from voluntary contribution; however the regular sources of income seem to be shrinking which has made the management worried. Greeting card is also giving less net revenue. Thus the resources seem to be drying. iii. Research showed that while the UNICEF image was positive, the organization appeared distant, institutional, cold and rigid. The communications team felt that UNICEF brand was living off the past and not providing a vision for the future. iv. UNICEF was losing its acceptance among the youth as the typical donor for UNICEF was a female of 45 to 65 years old and majority of the volunteers were above 50 years of age. Despite great brand awareness they needed to change the traditional set up as this attracted very few new donors and also did not showcase the changing image of UNICEF. v. Numbers of child focused organizations were struggling for consumer donations and it was necessary for the organization to differentiate itself. vi. Branding is needed to reflect the identity, vision and mission of the organization, and it also acts as a unifying factor for different divisions of big organisation like UNICEF. What is the problem with current branding?

Ans: Problems with current brand are:
i. Current brand has made the image of UNICEF as institutional, cold, and rigid. UNICEF is perceived to be a part of United Nations which has more to do with formulating legislations for children rights (bolstered with the fact that of lateit has evolved as“rights-based organization”), thus the apparent...
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