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Topics: Brand, Marketing, Ugg boots Pages: 44 (7257 words) Published: March 11, 2015
Isobel Peyton-Jones

Ethics Clause:
I confirm that this work has gained ethical approval and
that we have faithfully observed the terms of approval
in the conduct of this product.


Page 1 – introduction

Page 13 - Brand Overview

Page 24 - UGG SWOT Analysis

Page 2 – Methodology

Page 14 – price

Page 25 - Ansoff Matrix

Page 3 – PEST analysis

Page 15 – product

Page 26 - Key Conclusions &

Page 4 – Key Macro Trends

Page 16 – place

Page 5 - Implications of Macro trends
and Macro Environment on UGG

Page 26 - Key Conclusions &

Page 17 – promotion

Page 7 – Micro environment

Page 18 – aaker model

Page 27 - 31 – Illustrations

Page 8 – Market Health

Page 19 – benefit ladder

Page 32-33 - References

Page 9 – Future market health

Page 20 - Target Consumer

Page 34 – Bibliography

Page 10 – current market strengths and

Page 21 – Visual Pen Portrait:

Page 35-45 – Appendix

Page 11 – current market strengths and

Page 22 - Brand Health

Page 23 - Brand Health

Page 12 - Brand Positioning


In this report the aim is to give an insight into :

UGG brand consumer perception and standing

The development of UGG in relation to its comparative market

The big issues currently facing UGG and its market .

Recommendations and opportunities for UGG in the future

Research Focus :
 To conduct research on UGG including:
- The Brand perception by consumers (using primary Quantitative Methods) - The competitive market and its development (using secondary desk top research) - Results analysed using various marketing models PEST / SWAT/ Ansoff / 4P’s to develop insights Primary Quantitative Methods:

 A questionnaire. (see Appendix)
- 10 questions, varying from simple closed-ended questions, to more thought provoking, and openended questions. - On line “Quick survey “
- Face to face street interview with consumers and industry experts and Focus group of 20participants were asked qualitative questions to provide more detail about brand perception Sample Approach:

 The participants for both questionnaire and focus group were randomly selected but age / gender/ occupation were recorded as part of the analysis break down. Secondary Research Method:
 Web (Mintel and WGSN) and literature research was conducted to support the primary research. Limitations:
 The primary research took place in London and is limited by geography and demographic preselection. In addition the sample size was below the level where it could be considered statistically

Macro Environment:

PESTE Analysis:
Politics - The apparel industry is labour-intensive; therefore, the effect of employee laws is significant e.g.minimum wage, and health and safety regulations. Laws are also being passed to protect employees in foreign countries making it harder for companies to mass produce cheap products. This gives products handmade in England/ Australia/ Europe more prestige and therefore consumers are willing to pay a higher price.

Economical – The growth of economy's in the east; the western world is no longer producing the majority of high socio economic consumers therefore manufacturing  must cater to the needs of new customers that come from different climates and cultures. Due to the recession in the west the middle socio economic group is shrinking and people are less likely to spend money on clothing and footwear. Social – A growing use of social networking to convey personal lifestyle likes and dislikes between celebrities, friends and strangers results in fashion trends spreading through word of mouth and fashion blogs. People are more concerned with what their social circle thinks of...

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