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Trung Nguyen Coffee Individual Assignment

1) What is the product mix of Trung Nguyen? What are the key attributes of its coffee? How do these attributes help Trung Nguyen to differentiate itself from its competitors?

Trung Nguyen brought new meaning of the word coffee into our world. With its various varieties and tastes, it has pushed the boundaries of coffee from being merely a daily supplement to our lives to being a beverage consumed enjoyably at our own leisure. Coffee still remains its core product but certain distinctions have been added into its taste and flavours. Along with instant coffee, Trung Nguyen Coffee also offers roasted coffee.

Roasted coffee is now available in three categories: creative coffee, blend coffee and espresso coffee which give drinkers an exotic and unique taste with the culture of Vietnam embedded deep within it. Weasel coffee, a variation of creative coffee offers high quality of coffee with a unique chocolatey and earthy flavour. As such, it demands an exorbitant price which unfortunately, the lower class is not able to afford. To remove this budget barrier, a cheaper but genuine version of weasel coffee known as Legendee Coffee was designed yet its taste is no less comparable to weasel coffee.

Passiona coffee, another variety comes in two forms: roasted coffee beans and instant coffee unlike the original Trung Nguyen Coffee. Naturally low-caffeine but still brightly colourful, the roasted coffee version serves as a good experience for first time coffee drinkers. The Instant Passiona, on the other hand, only caters to the female sex. It was created specially to remove the concerns about the damaging effects of coffee to complexions. Therefore, ladies together with the natural benefits of coffee are also able to enjoy the beauty aspect of it.

G7 Instant coffee, the first instant coffee product of the company, was launched to cater to customers who wish to experience the unique Trung Nguyen coffee but cannot spare the time to brew a cup of the roasted coffee. It is available in various product types and flavour choices which include G7 instant 3-in1, G7 Mocha, G7 Cappuccino, G7 Hazelnut and G7 pure soluble coffee.

These form the product mix for Trung Nguyen which as we can see is heterogeneous within the coffee category as different versions and flavours have been offered to customers. This gives it a definite advantage over its competitors.

However Trung Nguyen’s success in differentiating itself from its competitors also lies in its four key attributes: good material, modern technology, oriental secret and the new concept of coffee.

Firstly, under the good material components, Trung Nguyen sources out for the best ingredients to be used in its production of coffee. This perfectionist attitude impresses customers into thinking that their product is of superior quality but still affordable. Such dedication into producing a simple cup of coffee sets it apart from other coffee producers who produced coffee in a modernised manner with minimal effect. Customers can also have trust in their products given that only the best ingredients are used in its production process.

Secondly, the combination of state-of-the-art technology with Oriental secrets is appreciated by many coffee lovers as Trung Nguyen still managed to follow its own philosophy, at the same time keeping up with the modernisation of coffee. With modern technology, greater development comes about which in turn serves as motivation for creativity. On the other hand, it does not neglect responsibility which becomes the featuring property of their oriental thoughts creating harmony and sustainability. As a result, they establish a responsible creativity status which represents their yang-yin culture, both polar opposites but still great complements to each other.

Lastly, Trung Nguyen’s expanded view of coffee as a drink of energy to enhance brain power, a source...
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