To What Extent Have Companies from Asia Been Successful in Building Global Brands?

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Q: To what extent have companies from Asia been successful in building global brands? Definition of Global Brands
As according to Aaker (1991 – Cited in Kim, 2004), brand is a distinguishable name and/or symbol (such as logo, trademark or package design) intended to identify the goods and services of either one seller or a group of sellers, and to differentiate those goods and services from those of competitors. (Aaker, 1991 – Cited in Kim, 2004) Answer: What had Asian Brands Achieved?

In the recent years, according to the 100 Global Brands lists, by Interbrand and BusinessWeek, many top brand seems to originate from Europe and America, which serves as the favorites that have given great products or services over many years. What won’t be seen on that list are many Asian firms, apart from some notable companies in Japan and South Korea. Examples included are firms such as Samsung, Panasonic, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai and Sony. ( these brands, moving slowly in the dark, had won its place in the western markets. For example, the company, Samsung, had begun to be regarded as the most innovative company of the world, and had the highest sales of mobile phones, topping apple electronics in Q3 2012. (Shamdasani, 2005) Toyota Japan, had sold 9.75million cars worldwide, as the world’s no.1 automaker. (Mark, 2013) Asian brand nowadays had seemed to be able to ‘behave’ like western brands, by paying more attention to create Unique Selling Propositions, rather than using the traditional trading methods. As suggested by Martin Roll (2006), where Asian brands are standing today, has somewhat to do with their national brand. Martin claims that the successful of these modern Asian brands is due to the building of the nation’s brand. (Martin Roll, 2006) Asian countries are now able to focus their understanding on the country of origin effects versus their brand successfulness.

Answer: What is the Current Position of Asian Brands? How do they...

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