Titan Marketing in India

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Watch Pages: 58 (10115 words) Published: April 21, 2009
Table of Contents

Page No.

List of Illustrations7
List of Tables8
Executive Summary 9

Chapter 1 ' Introduction11
1.1 Theory and concept11
1.2 Literature Review13

Chapter 2 -Research methodology18

2.1 Objectives182.2 Limitations182.3 Sources of Data Collection192.4 Sampling Procedure19 2.5 Primary Data Collection19

Chapter 3 - Industry Overview20

3.1 History of watch market20
3.2 Indian watch industry20
3.3 Present situation of Indian watch market22
3.4 Major brands in Indian watch market23
3.5 Segmentation of Indian watch market23

Chapter 4 - Company Profile24

4.1 Overview24
4.2 Products25
4.3 Precision Engineering26
4.4 Awards26

Chapter 5 - Titan watches: Brand positioning strategies27

5.1 Overall strategies27
5.2 Men’s segment28
5.3 Women’s segment32
5.4 Children’s segment33

Chapter 6 - Titan watches: Brand Repositioning strategies34

6.1 New logo and tagline ' “Be More”34
6.2 The ad making ' Aamir Khan36
6.3 New collections and designs36
6.4 Other strategies39

Chapter 7 ' Consumer Awareness Survey40

7.1 Data Interpretation40
7.2 Findings of the survey55

Chapter 8 ' Conclusion57



List of illustrations

NumberTitle Page No.

1. Stages in brand strategy development13 2. The principle of repositioning15 3. Porter’s Five Forces Model20 4. Titan sub-brands possessed by respondents40 5. Period of Titan watch’s use41 6. Reasons for brand preference42 7. Recall of Titan’s original tagline43 8. Major advertisement media44 9. Awareness of brand ambassador45 10. Awareness of new tagline46 11. Consumer perception of new designs47 12. Awareness of new campaign48 13. Consumer perception of new campaign49 14. Consumer perception of store ambience50 15. Consumer perception of sales personnel51 16. Consumer perception about after sales service52 17. Consumer perception about display of watches53 18. Overall perception about Titan showroom54

List of Tables

NumberTitle Page No.

1Reasons for brand preference42

2Major Advertisement media44

Executive Summary

Many brands and companies are constantly reinvigorating their businesses and positioning them for growth. There is a constant need to innovate, reinvigorate, update, recalibrate, or just simply fend off the competition in an effort to better explain "why buy me." Brand positioning creates a specific place in the market for the brand and product offerings. It reaches a certain type of consumers and delivers benefits that meet the needs of several key target groups and users. The actual approach of a company or brand's...

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