The Role of Brand in Creating of Customer Loyality

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Scientific method Pages: 9 (2859 words) Published: October 27, 2012
American Journal of Scientific Research ISSN 1450-223X Issue 49 (2012), pp. 74-81 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2012

The Role of Brand in Creating of Customer Loyalty in Industrial Service Marketing Mohammad Ali Abdolvand Department of Business Management, Science and Research Branch Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran E-mail: Mohammad Ali Nasimi Department of Business Management, Tonekanon Branch Islamic Azad University, Iran E-mail: Abstract The purpose of this research is to investigate the relation among the effective factors of brands on customer loyalty in industrial service marketing. Based on the research model, the relationship of satisfaction, value, resistance to change, emotion, trust and brand equity with customer loyalty was hypothesized. Then data were collected using the questionnaire in the statistical population of retailers with the sample size of 250 centers selected randomly and were tested using SPSS software program. The results indicated that among the effective factors of brands, brand equity and trust in the behavioral and emotional patterns of customer loyalty to industrial service marketing are the most important effective factors. One of the limitations of this research can be the effect of cultural factors on brands; however, the researcher considered their effect to be constant in the test. In future studies, the researchers can compare the effect of brands on the customer loyalty of different industries. The outcome from this study concludes that brand can positively influence customer loyalty to a market offering and possibly boost customer commitment.

Keywords: Behavioral Loyalty, Attitudinal Loyalty, Industrial Marketing, Iran

1. Introduction
As the competition in the market grows day after day, many companies realize the value of their existing customers more and seek to improve their customer loyalty through the creation of technology. The consistent pursuit of the customer loyalty started from the early 80s. Afterward, most companies developed and examined some forms of customer loyalty strategies. Customer loyalty is regarded as one of the key factors for organizations, which causes their profitability and success (Sirdeshmukh et al, 2001). A brand becomes successful only if its owners have an accurate perception of its constitutional assets. Among the most important assets of a brand, one of them is the value than customers grant to that brand. Then it is the investment for brand management, in such a way that it both preserves the brand’s value and do not miss the customer loyalty through the preservation of the brand’s characteristic (Morgan, 2000). Since many factors affect the customer loyalty, the brand

The Role of Brand in Creating of Customer Loyalty in Industrial Service Marketing


managers seek to better perceive the relationship between their brand and customer loyalty (Taylor et al, 2004). In order to manage customer loyalty in the best way, the organizations must be able to communicate with their customers in the best way and identify their needs and demands. The loyal customer a company has a positive attitude towards it and is less sensitive to its prices. In this study, we attempt to study different attitudes regarding loyalty; then investigate the relationship between loyalty and some factors that affect it (Keller and Lehmann, 2006). In this study, the relative effects of some factors like satisfaction, value, resistance to change, brand effects and emotions, brand trust and equity on customer loyalty are simultaneously examined. Brands are among the important issues associating with the companies’ products. The companies make long-term investments on their brands especially in the fields of advertisement, sales promotion and packaging. They know their market power originates from the creation of brands for their products, and powerful brands bring about...
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