The Novle of House Made of Dawn

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: March 29, 2013
N scott Momaday's first novel- House Made of Dawn is an important novel which describes the Native American life and culture. This book was published in 1969 and won the Pulitzer Prize. Although the story isn't pleasant, I must say this is good for us to realize how different life and culture of Native American they have. The main character Able is young Indian American. Because of the racial divide, education divide and society divide, he struggles and battles on these divides in his life.

The racial divide caused Able to lost himself. When Able returned from World War II, he found the world had changed. One world was from his heritage, and the other world was white American. He felt strange from his cultures and didn't know what to do between these two worlds. The white people had the racial discrimination against their long hair. He struggled to live with his grandfather, and also became to addict in alcohol.

The education divide caused Able to lost defense himself and judge people. Form the novel, Angela think Able is a man who has animal-like quality so she uses Able to satisfy her desire. Also we can know there are so many mythic stories and tales to influence the Native American culture. Based on Able’s belief, he still think that white man was killed is a witch. Even he’s in court, he doesn’t know how to defend himself so let the white people to juice him unfairly.

After the prison, he had the society divide. Able grew up from reservation in New Mexico. It is located around beautiful landscapes and nature stuffs. When he entered the big city to start his new life, he got confusion and battle from his boss and co-workers etc. He tried pretty hard to overcome this society divide. Ultimately, he gave up himself and got the physical pains from alcohol.

Because of these divides, Able isn’t easy to live in the world of White American and he back his hometown again. Although this book was polished for more than fifty years, there are still the same...
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