The Happiest Moment in My Life

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The Importance Of Preservation And Conservation Of The Environment Preserving the earth's environment is all about keeping the rate of our usage of the earth's resources slower than the rate at which the earth can regenerate the resources, the earth's resources will be available to us indefinitely and our subsequent generations can enjoy the earth as much as we do.

Conserving water saves you money! Not only will your water bill go down, but as you heat less water, your gas or energy bill will also decline. If your whole community conserves, you will also pay less fees for water-related services. Water conserving communities will not need to pay as much to develop new supplies and expand or upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure. 

Refuse, Reuse, Recycle: don't acquire what you don't need. When you do acquire stuff, make sure they are reusable or at least recyclable.  Reuse: cloth bags for groceries instead of paper/plastic. 

Recycle: donate old furniture, computers, clothes, books instead of trashing them.  Use recycled material wherever you can (and products thereof).  Avoid waste (unnecessary expenditure) of time, energy, money, material, resources. This is a good thing to do in general. Of course, the relative pros and cons need to be considered on a case by case basis. (Example: walking to work is not an excuse to come late to work everyday.)  Encourage businesses that behave responsibly. Discourage those that don't.  Use common sense: 

Don't acquire stuff just so that they can later be recycled. Example: recycling plastic water bottles, paper/plastic/thermocole cups is good. Even better is to reuse a bottle or a cup (say, to refill from a water fountain).  Avoid being taken advantage of by people/companies that try to make a quick buck in the name of saving the environment. Examples: dubious 'organic' labeled products, organic products sold at an exorbitant price, 'alternative' anything that is sold at a premium that doesn't make sense, etc. 

There are many good reasons to conserve water. 

Water conservation can help meet future needs. 
Saving water will save you money. 
We live in a desert; water is a precious resource! 
Water conservation helps preserve the environment. 
Although water conservation helps, some people have misconceptions about what water conservation can and can't do "If we conserve enough water, we don't need to develop any more." 

Even if we drastically reduced the watering of our urban landscapes, projected population growth would eventually make new water development necessary. Although conservation can delay the need, it does not eliminate it. 

Furthermore, when a community is able to conserve a lot of water and delay its own infrastructure needs, that does not automatically "free-up" the saved water to satisfy the needs of another community. The community retains the right to use the water for its future growth needs. 

"Water conservation will cost water suppliers needed revenue." 

If a water supplier uses a conservation-oriented rate structure, it will not lose the revenue needed to meet its financial obligations. Such a rate structure separates fixed costs associated with providing water (bonds, capital investments, personal, etc.) from the variable costs (pumping, treatment, etc.). A supplier can accomplish this by charging a base rate regardless of the amount of water used and a separate rate for the actual water consumed. 

"If we don't use the water, it just flows out to the Great Salt Lake and is wasted." 

Once water reaches the Great Salt Lake, it is true that it is no longer fit for irrigation or drinking water purposes. However, the lake is home to many mineral extraction and brine shrimp industries and is a unique and valuable ecosystem. Great Salt Lake is North America's largest inland sea and is internationally recognized as an important resting and nesting area for millions of migratory birds. The water that reaches the lake also passes...
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