The Day After Tomorrow: Not as Unrealistic as We Think It Is.

Topics: Environmental movement, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: September 27, 2011
“The Day After Tomorrow” showed us what life would be like in the event of a horrific natural catastrophe. Because of the abuse the world has taken from us, it started to shut down and it took everyone by surprise. Buildings were heavily damaged, streets became raging rivers, the state looked like it incurred billions of dollars of expenses, and worst of all many lives were lost.

You’d think the odds of something so grand and dramatic as that occurring in real life is unlikely. You’d think that if a tragedy like that were to happen, it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime. Well, so did the people in the movie. That just goes to show that we are forever vulnerable to natural calamities. Even if it won’t be as devastating as in the movie, something like that is bound to happen to our world sooner or later. As inhabitants of this planet, it is, and was since we were born, our duty to keep that from happening or to postpone it for as long as we can if we’re already too late for total prevention.

The tragedy in the movie was caused by our wrong doings. As our society and technology evolved, the amount of pollution we produce increased as well. We have reached a point where we produce more than what nature can remedy through its natural cleaners. In reality, the pollution we produced has already triggered a deadly chain of events that continuously disrupt our world’s natural state.

The movie is truly an eye opener. It tells us that while we have not yet suffered the same fate as those in the movie, we can still try to prevent and hopefully remedy the situation. We can start with ourselves and maybe move on to the larger communities. Big businesses play a big role in our environment. If they were to pollute, expect pollution to come out in huge amounts. But if they were to become responsible and take the fate of the world into account, if they were to do their best to fight pollution and go green, we may actually see concrete changes.
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