The condition of the working class in England 1845

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The following text is an extract from Friedrich Engels’ book The Condition of Working Class in England, 1845 published in 1868-69. As the title indicates us, this text deals with England’s condition after the Industrial Revolution. Indeed the Industrial Revolution brought many changes in the industry of the country but also in social terms. This revolution made controversy because there are assets and drawbacks and this is especially what I will try to analyze in this commentary. First of all, we will study the description of England’s greatness observed by Friedrich Engels himself by reminding us about the Industrial Revolution. Then as I said earlier, this greatness has consequences that we will analyze through the living-conditions of English people during the industrialization and its drawbacks and finally we will focus on the social term of this revolution that polarized the society with individualism, capitalism and Darwinism.

I/England’s greatness
A)The Industrial revolution
The first Industrial Revolution created a fundamental economic change between 1770 and 1850 in the economy of England that changed from mostly agricultural to mostly industrial. This was the result not of one key invention but of technological progress in different fields coming together. Its center is the development of factories but they couldn't have developed without better transportation creating larger markets and better transportation couldn't have existed without the growth of the iron industry, which couldn't have grown without steam engines. Society had a hard time adjusting to the new economic system.

B)Description of England’s power
Indeed, thanks to the Industrial Revolution, England managed to become the first Industrial power in the world. In his well-known...
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