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Chapter 15: Preserving and Restoring Nature

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_________3.The United States' first two national parks are   
A.Glacier and Great Smoky Mountains.
B.Yellowstone and Everglades.
C.Olympic and Yosemite.
D.Yosemite and Yellowstone.
E.Great Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone.
_________4._________ is believed to be the first national park in the world.   
A.Glacier National Park
B.Yellowstone National Park
C.Banff-Jasper National Park
D.Yosemite National Park
E.Great Smoky Mountains
_________5.National parks are an important part of our heritage,   
A.and they remain pristine and undisturbed because of their park status. B.but they lack any protection from mining, logging, and grazing. C.but they are endangered by overcrowding, pollution, and in some places, mining. D.that unfortunately exist only in remote inaccessible areas. E.but they are endangered by overcrowding.

_________6.Over the past decade, the number of park visitors has _______ and park budgets have ________.   
A.increased by more than one half; increased by about 25% B.increased by one third; decreased by about 25%
C.decreased by more than one half; decreased by about 25% D.decreased by one third; increased by about 25%
E.stayed about the same; decreased by about 25%
_________7.One way to control herd sizes in national parks is the reintroduction of predators, but this course is opposed by   
A.animal rights activists.
B.neighbors and local ranchers.
C.wilderness advocates.
E.park rangers.
_________8.Which of the following factors is probably the most important in the success of the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park?   
A.The cooperation of local residents.
B.The genetic diversity in the population.
C.The availability of prey species.
D.The hybridization of the species with coyotes.
E.Both "The cooperation of local residents" and "The availability of prey species."  
_________9.As officially defined by Congress in the 1964 Wilderness Act, "wilderness" is   
A.any area with important scenic, historic, and recreational value. B.undeveloped land where humans have little impact and temporary presence, and visitors can find solitude. C.a place where people live in harmony with nature, building only low-impact structures and roads. D.an area of at least 10,000 acres with no human intrusion. E.an area of at least 10,000 acres with low-impact development by humans  

_________11.Many rural communities object to nearby wilderness designations because they   
A.depend on natural resources in the area.
B.dislike and misunderstand wildlife.
C.object to subsidies for wildlife.
D.dislike having wilderness nearby.
E.object to all of the campers and hikers who visit the area.  
_________12.Wilderness proponents emphasize that ninety-six percent of the United States is open to development; the remaining four percent consists mainly of areas developers   
A.could not enter because of legal restrictions.
B.felt was too beautiful to ruin.
C.agreed was culturally important.
D.could not reach or did not want.
E.agreed was important for ecological services.
_________15.The boundaries of a park or nature preserve are usually based on   
A.how much land can be effectively managed.
B.political considerations.
C.animal territories.
D.an entire ecosystem.
_________16.Poor people in developing countries often threaten wildlife preserves because   
A.they dislike unsettled territory.
B.they need the resources to survive.
C.they enjoy sport hunting.
D.vandalism is a popular use of spare time.
E.their religion often...
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