Temperate Deciduous Biome Paper

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Soil Pages: 3 (911 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Some of the major effects of deforestation include biodiversity loss, local climate change and global warming. Farmers often have trouble raising crops, which typically results in more problems, such as an increase in food prices. Soil erosion and cultural displacement also can occur. Those who want to address the problem have a variety of options, however. Biodiversity Loss

A loss of biodiversity often follows a reduction in the amount of forested land. Trees, shrubs and other plants provide shelter, food and shade for an enormous range of bacteria, fungi, insects, animals and birds. When deforestation occurs, it generally is much harder for the environment to sustain this variety, simply because not all organisms can survive in the same habitat or conditions. According to National Geographic, as much as 70% of the world’s plants and animals live in forests. Experts from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), World Wildlife Fund and other environmentalist groups believe that, because of this problem, the planet already has lost thousands of species and might lose thousands more. Local Climate Change

Plants release moisture into the air as a result of cellular respiration, the complex metabolic process by which living things get energy. Leaves and branches also filter sunlight and prevent it from directly reaching the ground, so in most cases, the soil and air under the forest canopy stays moist and relatively cool. When trees are removed, soil usually starts to dry out and cannot support as many living things, and local temperatures increase due to lack of shade. Rain typically occurs less frequently due to the lack of water vapor in the air. Some scientists argue that one of the biggest effects of deforestation is a massive increase in desert terrain, as soil deprived of constant moisture eventually can turn into largely barren sand. Agricultural and Financial Losses

Local climate change that occurs with...
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