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UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLOIRDA COURSE SYLLABUS HSA 4180 Organization and Management of Health Agencies I INSTRUCTOR: Robert Sauer MHSA


Spring 2013

1.0 INTRODUCTION: This syllabus provides an outline of expectations and assignments. It is intended to serve as a guide enabling you as the student to both plan your work schedule in meeting the course requirements and ensure a predictable outcome based upon your level of commitment to the requirements and precepts of the course. The required course text is utilized by the instructor, though Instructor notes may be periodically distributed to students to supplement the text material, outside readings and other information relating to the topic. It is not possible to perform in this course at a satisfactory level without diligent attention to the course text and other material recommended/required by the instructor. You are encouraged to study the text and notes in preparation for examinations. Additionally, you may have obtained copies of past examinations from fellow students. You should not rely on those examinations as a basis for studying during the current semester. Each semester the examinations are rewritten and are dissimilar to earlier versions. Therefore, a failure to study independent of past material shall likely result in unsatisfactory test performance and lack of success in the course. There will be weekly reading assignments, and most weeks there will be written input and three exams. You should complete each weekly assignment before proceeding to the next. All weekly assigned work must be completed by the date shown on the course schedule for the week assigned. Your assignments must be posted by 6PM on the due date. Late postings will not be accepted and will receive a ZERO for the assignment. As with any course of study, you as a student may have particular or unique needs or expectations that your instructor has not fully appreciated or understood. Therefore you are encouraged to contact me via e-mail. 2.0 Course Description: This course explores current issues, challenges and trends in the management of health care organizations. The course includes information from the following areas: management history and theory, decision making, management and business planning, forecasting and the tools used in each, healthcare economics, and healthcare financial management. The course content focuses on a number of interrelated areas of concern for beginning health managers. 3.1 Required Texts: Rose T. Dunn, Haimann’s Healthcare Management; 9th edition, Health Administration Press, 2010: Foundation of the American College of Healthcare Executives, Chicago, IL: ISBN# 978-I-56793-358-1. NOTE: THE 8TH EDITION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN USE THE OLDER EDITION.

3.2 Other assigned readings: As determined by the instructor or as may be of help in doing case studies. Individual assignment of articles in journals periodicals and web sites as deemed appropriate by the instructor. 4.1 End of course objective: Upon completion of the course, the competent student shall demonstrate an expanded understanding of the applications of management in not for profit, for profit health care delivery organizations, managed care providers, provider group practices, health agencies, public health departments and health care services providers. 4.2 Learning objectives: The student will understand management processes as they apply to for profit and not for profit organizations. The student will be able to analyze organizational structures to determine the “best fits” for different types of health organizations The student will have a basic understanding of decision tools for the analysis of performance. The student will have a basic understanding of revenue and expense budgeting, capital expense budgeting and cash budgeting as well as the relationships existing...
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