Swiss Army Marketing

Topics: Product management, Brand equity, Marketing Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: September 29, 2011
1.Outline several factors attributable to the strong brand equity of Swiss Army. 2.How is Swiss Army capitalizing on its brand equity with products and brand extension? 3.What are some of the potential problems for channels of distribution associated with the prospect of Swiss Army stores? Is the probability of these problems high?

1.Factors attributable to the strong brand equity of Swiss Army •Reputation of Switzerland for making high quality products •Good and consistent quality, reliability
Associated with adventure and active outdoor lifestyle
High functionality of product combined with incorporation of technological innovation. •Historical reputation that has been maintained over the years, Swiss Army has the reputation for standing the test of time

2.Swiss Army has leveraged its equity of high brand awareness (92%) with the consumer to extend its brand to beyond the pocket knife product. In 1989 Swiss Army launched its Swiss Army watch. This brand extension was very successful and Swiss Army watches have the no. 2 position for watches $500 and under. With the success of the watch, in the 1990s Swiss Army moved to further extend its brand into the areas of travel gear, apparel and accessories. These brand extensions have also proved profitable for Swiss Army. An extension of the brand has broadened the range of customers and raised the level of consciousness for the brand. Swiss Army is now looking at providing the customer with an in-store experience. The company has a strong relationship with retail vendors especially focusing on displays, methodology for selling the brand and working with the associates. Swiss Army is now extending the customer experience by creating the Swiss Army store, which carries the range of its product line, it is primarily focused on the young and curious consumers, therefore attracting another generation of Swiss Army consumers.

3.The company’s creation of Swiss Army stores for further distribution...
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