Sustainable Business Management- Team Project

Topics: Sustainability, Biodiversity, Natural environment Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 19, 2013
2. What are the aims of the project?

Gardens by the bay cradles the aim of creating a ‘City in a garden’. This government funded initiative aims to spread the essence of Singapore being a tropical garden city in Asia. It bears the vision of providing the people who reside here with a pleasant and healthy environment work and live in. They aim to do this by spreading the greenery through several species of flora conserved in the garden. The project has a core principle of conserving environmental sustainability. The garden is home to many species of flora and has a lot of greenery inside which is aimed to improve the environmental sustainability in the city. The tropical and natural feel of the garden also aims to adhere to eco- friendly initiatives taken by the government, which also pushes the project towards environmental sustainability. The garden also aims to create more green spaces despite the rapid rate of urbanisation Singapore faces as a country. The project also hopes to attract those people who usually do not faun the idea of visiting gardens in tropical countries. “The gardens aim to be the world’s best with 2,000 species of plants on display.” (

3. How do these aims connect with the objective of sustainability?

Gardens by the bay adheres do the objectives of sustainability. This is achieved through the use of the conservatories built in order to give the essence of a ‘city in a garden’. These climate controlled glass- houses inherit low energy use and a number of renewable sources. The structure of the garden which is built in a way to give a tropic environmental essence allows maximum use of natural solar energy, also reducing the need for manually harnessed energy. The aim of increasing the greenery and the number of flora also adheres to environmental sustainability. The idea of increasing the flora has lead the national park association to grow more than 3 million trees which provide timber...

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