Sustainable Agriculture

Topics: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Sustainability Pages: 4 (935 words) Published: June 4, 2013
ES34 – Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture

Querubin, Emmanuel S.
BS Environmental Science-III

1. What are the ecological and socio-economic requirements for sustainable agriculture? Explain.

According to the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Standards, the ecological and socio-economic requirements for sustainable agriculture include social and environmental management system, wherein it should incorporate a set of policies and procedures managed by the farm management or group administrator for planning and executing operations in a manner that fosters the implementation of the best management practices indicated; ecosystem conservation, as natural ecosystems are integral components of agricultural and rural areas; wildlife protection, so that farms protect natural areas that contain food for wild animals or habitats for reproduction and raising offspring; water conservation (farms should conduct activities to conserve water and avoid wasting this resource); fair treatment and good working conditions for workers; occupational health and safety program to reduce or prevent the risk of accidents in the workplace; and another is community relations, wherein farms ought to relate in positive ways with neighbors, surrounding communities and local interest groups.

Also, sustainable agricultural farms contribute to the elimination of harmful chemical products (synthetic fertilizers & pesticides) through integrated crop management to reduce the risk of pest infestations. Another requirement is soil management and conservation through long-term improvement of the soils that support agricultural production. Integrated waste management is also important wherein the final destination of waste on the farm is administered and designed to minimize possible environmental and human health impacts.

2. Why is agroecology different from agrobiodiversity?

Basically, agroecology and agrobiodiversity differ on their...
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