Study of Tourism Hospitality and Event

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Study of Tourism, Hospitality and Event

Nowadays, with the rapid development of economy, tourism, hospitality and event industries are faced with more opportunities, but more challenges as well, such as the more competitive market and similar industries, personalized customer demands and higher service qualities requirements and so on. Therefore, studying and understanding the three industries, discovering the interrelated nature of them and the way they promote each other will contribute to promoting the better development of them. This article is mainly divided into two sections, the first section is to introduce the theoretical point of view of tourism, hospitality and event. Subsequently, the second section aims at exploring their interrelated nature based on the understanding of those definitions and perspectives.

Because of the complexity of tourism phenomenon and distinct methods of thinking, scholars have different understanding of the essential characteristics of tourism, therefore there is also a big difference in definitions of tourism. According to the most representative 63 definitions in the world, Zhang (2008) summarized five main features of tourism concept, including: first, it is the movement of people, which refers to population mobility that people move from one place to another. Second, travel has one or more motivations. Third, tourism activities require certain infrastructure, marketing system, entertainments and support services for entertainment. Furthermore, tourism is not just consumption pattern of personal leisure or entertainment, but an entire system consisting of source places of tourists, channels and destinations. Finally, tourism is not merely an economic system, it is more of a cultural and social systems. Accordingly, definitions of tourism can be roughly divided into three categories. First, the definition is from the perspective of space and time, which means that a person going outside from his usual living environment and having a trip to a place no more than a certain limit of time. The main purpose of this trip is to engage in some activities which are not got paid. The second definition is from the perspective of the purposes and motivations. Xie (2004) thinks that tourism is a short experience with characteristics of society, leisure and consumption, for the purpose of seeking pleasure in a different place. Third, this is from the perspective of what results from the tourism. Just as Cooper et al (1993) puts forward that tourism can be defined as the sum of various phenomena due to the interaction of tourists, tourism enterprises, tourist resorts and their government in the process of attracting and entertaining tourists and other kinds of visitors. In general, the basic definition is that people travel from one place to another place, and other points of view are based on this kind of movement.

Considering the concept of hospitality, Joshi (1989) indicates that hospitality could be used as a generic term, which shows a generous attitude in everyday life. Therefore, surely, it is believed that it not necessarily has any connection to offering meals and accommodations. To make it more simply, what Joshi means is that hospitality represents an attitude of open-handedness, regardless of entertaining people. However, from the point of view of contemporary hospitality industry, it may have some connections to providing meals and accommodations. Brymer (1995) regards hospitality as a general term which is used to represent entertaining guests with food and accommodations by numerous and different companies. Pender and Sharpley (2005) express their view that hospitality is composed of two different services: one is to provide an overnight accommodation for travelers those who are away from their homes, the other is to provide food for the guests. What is more, it is also believed that the definition of hospitality should refer to three areas: private, social and commercial...
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