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Conservation International is one of the most popular conservationists groups there is. Conservational International works at every level ranging from small villages to large cities. They help communities, countries and societies protect tropical forests, lush grasslands, rivers, wetlands, abundant lakes and the sea. Conservation International has over 1 million members.

Conservation International was founded in January 1987 in Washington, DC, by Peter Seligmann and Spencer Beebe, previously employees of the international division of The Nature Conservancy. The new organization focused on the conservation of tropical biodiversity and, at first, focused on the countries where Seligmann and Beebe had worked: Bolivia, Costa Rica and Mexico. In CI's first year of existence, the organization purchased a portion of Bolivia's foreign debt. The money was then redirected to support conservation in the Beni Biosphere Reserve. Since this first-ever debt-for-nature swap, which helped cement CI's role in the conservation community, more than $1 billion of similar deals have been made around the world. The foundation of CI's work is "science, partnership, and field demonstration." The organization has scientists, policy workers, and other conservationists on the ground in more than two dozen countries on five continents. It also relies heavily on hundreds of local partners.

Through targeted investments, CI and a network of partners demonstrate that preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity is vital to successful sustainable development. They do this by showing how environmental policy and governance, innovative market and incentive mechanisms for protecting biodiversity and engaged civil society groups are essential for sustainable social and economic development.

Today, the world has caught up with CI. Governments, businesses, and individuals on every continent recognize that CI must balance there needs with nature for a better...
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