Stakeholders: Employment and Business

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Employees are people that work for Tesco Plc in the exchange of a living wage/salary. In order to work at their best, these employees want security; they want promotions and rates of reward for their hard work. If the employees do not get what they want, their job efficiency and productivity will decrease as they think they are not motivated to do the job. Tesco’s employees are very important for the business as there are around 500,000 and they can influence the success of Tesco by their productivity and efficiency in the job. Employees express their point of view by doing anonymous surveys. Employees are the people that work for the organisation for a living wage. These employees want to feel safe at work and get paid well for their hard working. If they don’t get what they want they will leave the business. They express their point of view by doing surveys. The employees are very important for the business as they sell the products and help the customers meaning that they can influence the business as they can resort to industrial action if they disagree with working conditions. Customers

Customers are the people that shop at Tesco Plc. These stakeholders want good customers service so that they keep shopping at the organisation as they feel satisfied. However, if they don’t get this they will take their money to the competitors and the Tesco’s profits will decline and revenue raise. Customers express their point of view towards Tesco’s service by filling up surveys of how good the employees are and the quality of the product. As in every other business, Tesco’s stakeholders, the customers, are the most important for the business as they bring profits to the business. These customers influence the aims and objectives of this organisation because they can decide whether to keep purchasing at the organisation or not. Tesco engages very well with the customers as they have a club...
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