Spices: Brand and Shan

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Research Objectives:III

Quantitative Research:III
Qualitative Research:III


Sample Size:IV
Target Market:IV
Sampling Method:IV
Retail Outlets surveyed:IV






This report is an extensive research study on consumer preferences between Shan and National Spices and if any other brands. We took a sample size of 200 and distributed it randomly in different areas over the city. Our target market was females which were further segmented into students, housewives and working women. Our target audience comprised of those who actually purchased our products and who are advertising promotions were targeted to. We also did a retail survey in order to find out availability of the brands and consumer preferences. We surveyed customers through questionnaires and divided the analysis into Quantitative findings and Qualitative findings.

We had a total of sixteen questions and each one was analyzed in depth. For example, we found out that majority of the households’ preferences are Shan or that majority of the households are extremely brand loyal and do not like switching to another brand. We also found out about consumer purchase patterns and their perceptions towards specific brands and so forth.

Next, an in depth set of correlations were done between certain questions in order to find out the relations and how exactly one variable is linked to another. For example, we found out that areas of Defence & Clifton had more households who preferred Shan and areas like North Nazimabad or Bahadurabad had more households who preferred National. We also found out the essence of each brand and what it is perceived for in the minds of the consumer.

Then we shared some consumer insights and recommendations to help strengthen a brand’s image.

Lastly, we also conducted an in depth retail survey of the popular outlets in the major areas of Karachi. This helped us understand distribution patterns and availability of the brands as well as make us understand the retailers’ viewpoint in terms of discount offers or incentives.

Research Objectives:

The research study which we undertook during the last three weeks was on customer preferences for Shan and National Spices. We conducted a customer survey and the core objectives were as follows:

➢ To find out consumer preferences between Shan and National Spices and major factors influencing their purchase decisions

➢ To find out and understand consumer patterns of buying the product as well as the frequency of usage in households (on daily, weekly, monthly basis; which brand is used in the household , and who influences on the purchase decision)

➢ To find out consumer perceptions about both brands

➢ To find out consumer reactions to the introduction of Chinese recipe mixes

We simultaneously conducted a retail survey, targeting the popular stores in different areas. The core objectives were to find out the availability and accessibility to consumers in different areas and consumer insights. Alongside, we also inquired about distribution facilities every store had and of course the availability of the brands Shan and National Spices.

Quantitative Research:

This information was sought to gather the following:

➢ Which brand is bought in different households

➢ Purchase & Consumption patterns

➢ Major influence of the brand bought at households

➢ Customer insights on the best thing of the brand being used (rankings)

➢ The brand loyalty of the brand being purchased and used

➢ Reaction of consumers if their brand introduces recipes for Chinese Oriental...
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