Special Machines

Topics: Electric motor, Reluctance motor, Magnetic field Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Special electric machines have a large field of application and actual requirements for electromechanical systems clam new and very performing solutions. There are a lot of papers on this subject, but anytime is mandatory to do something else to help users to develop high level systems. Main intention of the authors for this paper is to present a modality to analyze and to design a new solution of electric machine only trough finite element method. Actually, the users are asking for very performing electric machines, having high density torque that means to develop as higher as possible torque in a relative small volume, relative to the usual electric machines. To design such electric machines there is only one way - to use numerical methods based on finite element method. The most part of specialists that present these aspects are working in the field of special electrical machines since more than 30 years, developing many solutions and designs for high performances special electric machines SPECIAL ELECTRICAL MACHINE   ON MOTOR                                                     |


            Electrical machine that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy, converts electrical energy to mechanical energy, or changes alternating current from one voltage level to a different voltage.There are several non traditional machines such as stepper motors, switched reluctance motors, permanent magnet dc machines, resolvers, linear induction machines etc. These machines are finding ever increasing applications, typically in position control systems, robotics, mecatronics, electric vehicles, high speed transportation etc. 

  * A reluctance motor is a type of synchronous electric motor which induces non-permanent magnetic poles on the ferromagnetic rotor.             

  * Torque is generated through the phenomenon of magnetic reluctance.  Operating principle
  * Whenever a piece of ferromagnetic material is located...
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