Social Media as a Public Relations Tool in Fashion Industry

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Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas through internet. It could be in the form of magazines, web-blogs, wikis, social networks , podcasts, photographs or pictures, videos, et cetera.. Social media is the easiest, fastest, and the most explosive way to transmit and receive information. Thus they have an immense influence on people, through which brands and orgaisations are having instantaneous reach with the public.

Public relations is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organisation and the public. The online networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. and fashion blogs, not only stand as a free online marketing platforms for the luxury brands and designers, but also as a tool to interact with the public. Small emerging brands and large fashion houses alike have tapped into this influence to reach new customers and generate real, honest communication. This study focuses on how current developments of social media contribute to the growth of relationship between the brands and the general public in the fashion industry.

Interaction between designers and their consumers has transformed the way an industry work by incorporating suggested feedback into the creative process of fashion. Traditionally, the fashion industry has had an exclusivity that enabled their products to be created behind closed doors and then embedded into the society during the start of each season. Through the incorporation of social media tactics within the public relations profession, consumer visibility into the industry has facilitated a new strategy for designers to remain ahead of the trend.

Social media is a recently emerged media with the wide impact on personal as well as business communication. A communication model where addresser sends messages to receivers has been replaced by a new ways where all participants have the opportunity to actively interact during the entire communication process. Despite a certain drawbacks within the business atmosphere, social media can be very beneficial in areas of public relations and marketing, particularly in an industry like fashion where recognition and identification with customers as well as building up strong image and corporate culture has always been essential, and due to recent social developments it has become even more emphasized.

Within last couple of years fashion has become a global industry composed of variety of local markets diverse in lifestyle, religion, and culture which makes the recognition and identification with particular customers more complex. Simultaneously the revolution in communication caused the global information spread where any users can easily follow and discuss any trends and fashion news distributed world-wide as well as easily search for any collections and purchase them online through social media websites. Those practices underlined the importance of strong corporate image and culture which would differentiate brand from its competitors, supply additional value and raise loyal customers.

Because of the character of social media, and particularly blogs which are the main object of this research paper, and because of the character of contemporary fashion industry, started using this kind of social media websites as a communication tool might seem as a natural development. However as it will be demonstrated fashion industry is reserved in using this kind of social media. It does not mean though that social media and blogs do not concern fashion industry. In fact fashion blogging has become phenomenon with a great impact on the fashion industry itself.

Blogging in general is considered as a new form of online media, enjoying great attention of users, because of its interactive approach, which according to some brings advantages over mainstream media. According to some...

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