Social, Cultural and Environmental Impacts Experienced by Tourist Destinations in Developing Countries

Topics: Tourism, Habitat, Biodiversity Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Describe the typical social, cultural and environmental impacts experienced by tourist destinations in developing countries

Social impacts
* Increase in variety of jobs available
* Seasonal employment
* Price inflation
* Economic leakage

Cultural impacts
* Market for traditional crafts and/or rituals grows
* New patterns of dress and behaviour may cause problems

Environmental impacts
* Provision of new intrastructure, e.g. roads
* Increased pressure on limited resources, e.g. water
* Loss of natural habitat to building projects

How can harmful impacts be reduced or avoided?

Social impacts
* Regulations from Governments
* Supporting local businesses

Cultural impacts
* Reinforcement of traditions within the education system

Environmental impacts
* Energy conservation efforts
* Implementation of green technology
* Endangered species protection programmes
* Protect areas for preservation of habitats


Tourism brings people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds with a considerable spending power to destinations in developing countries, which is why this subject is traditionally presented as a main contributor of their economy; however, there are different impacts that have became the object of several studies, such as social, cultural and environmentals and some of them can be avoided or reduced in some level.

One of the most mentioned social impacts caused by tourism is the generation of job opportunities, but as is well known, the tourism sector is seasonal; therefore, a lot of these positions are temporary, which might be good for students but not so good for the locals that are looking for a full time job. Attracting tourists not only for leisure, but maybe for other type of activities, like convetions, school trips, etc., could be a good way to reduce this fluctuation.

Price inflation is a negative impact that affects locals because their...
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