SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY (Impact of Brand Image: A Study of Packed Milk for Ages 3-12)

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Brand management Pages: 1 (228 words) Published: November 20, 2014
The researchers intended to know more about the Impact of Brand Image, which is the impression in the consumer’s mind of a brand’s total personality (real and imaginary qualities and shortcomings), that plays a big role in any market. It is important for us, marketing students to study about the Impact of Brand Image knowing that branding is one of the marketing strategies used by different firms to differentiate their products from similar offerings. When a product has a unique name, appearance and image, it is easier for customers to find in a crowded marketplace. A strong brand identity can also affect consumer behaviour by building emotional connections and reinforcing buying habits. In Marketing Industry, business’ image is one of the best ways to get consumers to connect and engage with your business that’s why It is very vital for a company to understand and study the impact of brand image to a customer, to evaluate the impact of how consumers make their choices when purchasing a Packed Milk. In which they may gain valuable insights on how to understand their consumer’s preferences towards various promotional offers and discounts, what promotional schemes attracted the consumers, and what are their interests when it comes to Packed Milk brands. With this kind of study, they can achieve those loyal consumers indeed.
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