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Hong Kong-based Shanghai Tang is the first and leading luxury lifestyle brand from China. Since its inception in 1994, it has advanced the expression of modern Chinese chic by fusing current design concepts with innovative Chinese-inspired elements. Offering ready-to-wear for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and housewares, Shanghai Tang supports an international network of 30 boutiques in the world’s most prestigious shopping districts. Shanghai Tang way of doing fashion is to take inspiration from ancient China with carefully selected natural raw materials. Silk clothes by Shanghai Tang are shining and inspire sensuality. Are you happy with Shanghai Tang’s brand awareness? What are your plans to continue building brand recognition? Our mission at Shanghai Tang is to provide a modern vision of China. As China becomes a main economic superpower and center of high-end production, it needs an ambassador of style, which is what we are. We have strong brand awareness in Asia, and we’re slowly entering U.S. and European markets. In the past five or six years, we have rebranded Shanghai Tang, working from a very strong Chinese-rooted concept and applying a modern approach to developing a lifestyle brand. How broad is the product line today?

We are a lifestyle brand like Ralph Lauren is for America. We cover ready-to-wear for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and home furnishings. We also develop concepts like Shanghai Tang Café, and we are considering a boutique hotel concept. The brand can bear this kind of approach because it’s a strong, colorful, highly identified brand. Is the opportunity to make luxury products in China truly understood? What matters is the design, material, and skill; it doesn’t matter where it’s produced. Since day one, we’ve proudly produced in China. People looked down on us, saying you can’t be luxurious if you’re in China. Today, it’s not a problem, and slowly and discreetly, many European...
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