Sea Turtles

Topics: Reptile, Leatherback turtle, Species Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: April 28, 2013
If I was writing a report on an endangered species I would choose the sea turtle. The reason I would choose the sea turtle is because in our source “Turtles in Trouble” it gave us the story of a turtle named Adelita. This turtle traveled 6,000 miles alone to Japan. To me that is pretty amazing that a turtle can remember where she laid her eggs especially since it is very far away. Another reason I choose this article is because was pretty reliable. This article was reliable because scientist Jay Nichols, studied her and put a transmitter on her back to track her movements so that he could find out what was happening to this endangered species. This article was not very current because they first found Adelita in Baja California, Mexico in 1986. These are just some reasons why I choose this article. This article was about a scientist who put a transmitter on a turtles back and studied her and found out why these turtles were becoming extinct. The biggest threats to these turtles are humans. Humans are the biggest threat because fishermen catch the sea turtles, they can pollute the ocean, they are crowding the beaches, and people kill the turtles. This scientist found out where they feed, travel, mate, and nest. This scientist found ways to protect these sea turtles. Only a year after releasing Adelita, she was in Japan. The last signals from the transmitter they received say that she was captured by a fishing boat. Even though she is not alive, this gave information to scientist Jay.
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