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“I love nature dearly and all creatures that contribute to make it what it is. I see the beauty in all expressions of life, and I see how blind so many of us still are. Our planet is remarkably abundant and there's more than enough for us all.It is greed and shortsightedness that create the illusion of scarcity.” ― Yossi GhinsbergBio diversity makes ones to lead their life in a peacefull manner ,it helps a lot to everyone ; The variety of life on Earth, its biological diversity is commonly referred to as biodiversity. The number of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet, such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth. Appropriate conservation and sustainable development strategies attempt to recognize this as being integral to any approach. Almost all cultures have in some way or form recognized the importance that nature, and its biological diversity has had upon them and the need to maintain it. Yet, power, greed and politics have affected the precarious balance. Also, Biodiversity, is a complex topic, covering many aspects of biological variation. In popular usage, the word biodiversity is often used to describe all the species living in a particular area. If we consider this area at its largest scale - the entire world - then biodiversity can be summarized as "life on earth." However, scientists use a broader definition of biodiversity, designed to include not only living organisms and their complex interactions, but also interactions with the abiotic (non-living) aspects of their environment. Simply biodiversity is defined as: “The variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and the ecological and evolutionary processes that sustain it”. There is also an important spatial component to biodiversity. The structure of communities and ecosystems...

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