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Out of the 45 options, a co‐branding between Ryan Air and Bic would be most logical. Both brands have similar characteristics and an extraordinarily similar customer base. Other co‐branding possibilities could be Air France‐Bic, Coca‐cola – Burberry, Dove – Airfrance. The first has potential because both companies are French and have strong brand images. However, Air France does not match Bic’s customer base as well as Ryan Air does.

Coca‐cola and Burberry both have rich histories and a strong cultural image. However, Coca‐cola is not known for style and would most likely clash with Burberry if one tried to cobrand the two.
Dove – Air France is a similar example to Ryan Air – Bic. Both Dove and Air France maintain positive characteristics and their customer bases are similar. In fact, I feel this co‐branding is beneficial for both, almost the same as Bic‐ Ryan Air with a more affluent customer base.

Both Ryan Air and Bic have a non‐expensive but functional image. Bic’s brand image is stronger than Ryan Air’s but Bic could benefit greatly from such a co‐branding. Ryan Air opens up a market for Bic that already targets Bic’s customer base. Bic can exploit the fact that Ryan Air passengers are price sensitive. Bic could be the official pen of Ryan Air. When people fill out their forms, they could do so with a complementary Bic pen. (This commentary pen could be added into the ticket price or written off as a marketing expense). Either way Bic is ensured that millions of target customers try out their pens every year.

Bic could also use Ryan Air flights as a testing ground for new products. People are accustomed to filling out forms during travel so Bic could use this as a marketing research opportunity.
If passengers fill out a Bic survey, they in turn receive a free Bic product. Since passengers have free time and are already conditioned to filling out forms Bic could receive priceless feedback from such surveys.

As with most co‐branding, there are risks. In...
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