Rural Consumer Behavior with Regard to Selected Fmcgs Consumption Patterns and Brand Usage: a Study

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Rural Consumer Behavior with Regard to Selected FMCGs Consumption Patterns and Brand Usage: A Study A Sarangapani* and T Mamatha**

Marketing of FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) plays a pivotal role in the growth and development of a country irrespective of the size, population and the concepts which are so interlinked that, in the absence of one, the other virtually cannot survive. It is a fact that the development of FMCG marketing has always kept pace with the economic growth of the country. Both have experienced evolutionary changes rather than revolutionary changes. The objective of modern marketing is to make profits by delighting the consumers by satisfying their needs and wants. Hence, the marketers of FMCGs have to understand the real needs, wants, beliefs and attitudes of the consumers towards their products and services. Today, network marketing is a multi-billion dollar business. A number of companies have adopted this business model. It is one of the main driving forces of the 21st century economy. This article highlights the characteristics of rural respondents in terms of demographic, political, economic and sociocultural background. Finally, before concluding, it also analyzes the consumption patterns, brand usage and brand shifting of different FMCGs.

With the increase in purchasing power and the demand for a wide varietyof products by the rural consumers, the rural markets offer new and greater opportunities to manufacturers of several consumer and industrial products in India. To tap this vast and expanding market, companies are developing effective marketing and advertising strategies based on their study and understanding of the rural consumer behavior. There are certainly significant differences in the buying behavior of the rural consumers from the stand point of product development, pricing policies, distribution, and after-sales service, which create differences in requirements for marketing strategies in rural India. In this article, an attempt is made to analyze the characteristics of rural respondents in terms of demographic, political, economic and sociocultural background.

Review of Literature
Consumer behavior research takes place at every phase of the consumption process. It starts before the purchase and continues till the purchase is completed. Although research on consumer behavior is in its infancy, a good number of researchers have * Assistant Professor, Business Management, Alluri Institute of Management Sciences, Warangal, India. E-mail: * * Lecturer in Economics, Padmavathi College for Women, Warangal, India. E-mail: 22 2008 The Icfai University Press. All Rights Reserved. © The Icfai University Journal of Brand Management, Vol. V No. 3, 2008 ,

conducted various studies on consumer behavior to gain a greater understanding of the consumers. A review of some of the important research studies conducted earlier on consumer behavior are as follows: Bonfield (1974) conducted a study to measure the interactions among the four independent variables—attitude, social influence, personal norm and intention—as related to brand purchase behavior among the 301 active members of a dairy panel. The results of the study provided empirical evidence that the importance of social and psychological influences in relation to consumer behavior vary according to the situation which is strongly supported. It is felt that the study of these variables enables one to understand the individual brand choice process. Arieh Goldman (1978) conducted a study on the confined shopping behavior among the low-income consumer. The purpose of the study was to find whether the respondents from the lower income areas tend to confine their purchases of two shopping goods—furniture and ladies’ shoes. The findings of the study indicated that the respondents from lower class areas are not being forced because of economic, social, and...

Bibliography: 48 The Icfai University Journal of Brand Management, Vol. V No. 3, 2008 ,
52 The Icfai University Journal of Brand Management, Vol. V No. 3, 2008 ,
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