Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

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“Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: Branding to increase Customer Profitability and lifetime value:

* Concise executive summary:

* Company overview:
-Rosewood Hotels and Resorts part of the Hospitality consortium: Leading Hotels of the world → recognition among hotelier + brand promise -Rosewood H&R owns and manages 12 properties worldwide (1513 rooms) -Target market: guests looking for a unique and distinctive luxurious experience -Positioning: unique luxury hotels with a strong sense of cultural belonging -Core value: “sense of place”® philosophy

-Competition: corporate brands and collection of individually branded unique hotels.

* Problem statement:

Despite the brand recognition among Hoteliers (Rosewood Hotels recognized by travel agencies and one of the leading Hospitality consortium: Leading Hotels of the world), Rosewood Hotels and Resorts has no awareness among its guests.

* Situation analysis:

* No recognition of the brand portfolio
* The brand positioning limits the market:
-it doesn’t include and important segment: corporate market which could increase the market share of the group (by boosting the cross propriety usage) and increase guests loyalty -actual segment: luxury segment: low loyalty due to high prices + low cross propriety usage

* Alternative strategies:

Alternative strategies:| Benefits| Risks|
Corporate Branding| * Educating customers about the portfolio of brands and increasing awareness and recognition * Increasing cross property usage (5-10% increase) * Increase in customer retention * Increasing sales revenue| -Jeopardizing the individual hotels uniqueness by standardizing-Change in the company’s culture-Resistance to the change in company’s culture (guests and managers- managers could work for your competitors)-High marketing cost (1 000 000$)-Loose the “uniqueness” associated to “individual branded Hotels” as well as the brand promise “sence of a place”...
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