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Research Proposal
Gucci consumers in Australia: perceived value and satisfactions towards online retailing Managerial Problem: Could Gucci deliver the whole brand value through online service? Managerial question: How do Gucci consumers regard shopping Gucci online? Research Problem: Examine the consumers’ perceived value about shopping Gucci online in Australia Research questions: To what extend consumers perceive the value of Gucci online service? Introduction

Gucci is a successful global luxury brand which is also regarded as the most desirable luxury brand in the world in 2000s (Nielsen company, 2007). In Australia, Gucci owns its’ online specialty retailing store and all products are priced clearly on the website, which is ahead of its’ competitors who have not offer consumers the way to buy their products on their specialty online store yet. However, the perceived value may be different from the value perception in the brick-and-mortar store, so it is important to measure the perceived value by Gucci consumers through the online specialty retailing store, thereby Gucci manager can improve their ability to deliver the value to their consumers online and then satisfy them. The purpose of this research is to examine the way and the extent of Gucci consumer’s perceived value through the online specialty retailing store. To achieve this, this study then focuses on the perceived values by consumers about Gucci online store in four dimensions presented by Ho et al (2012): utilitarian value, hedonic value, symbolic value and economic value. This research will empirically test these four mediating variables between the brand value of Gucci online store and their consumers’ satisfaction and the significance of test these four mediating variables in the process of satisfying consumers.

Literature Summary

Luxury Consumer Value
Based on the perceived value framework of luxury brand consumer presented by Tynan (1999), Ho et al (2012) proposed a four-value structure model (Figure 1), including utilitarian value, hedonic value, symbolic value and economic value.

Utilitarian value is composed of excellence (Hol et al cited Holbrook 1999) and functional value (Hol et al cited in Wiedmann et al 2009). Excellence refers to the correct and proper attributes and performance provided by the products. Functional value is the dimensions of products’ usability, quality and uniqueness. These are basic value of the brand, but cannot offer the enough value to satisfy consumers (Ho et al 2012). Hedonic value contains aesthetics, pleasure and experience. These values are involved with emotional response from the consumers’’ subjective perspective, which are important research aspects (Ho et al 2012). Hopkinson & Pujari (1999) states that when people in a high-involvement situation, their hedonic value will be higher than that in a low-involvement situation. Symbolic value includes self-expressive and social value. Ho et al (2012) simplified the framework of Tynan et al (2009) about symbolic value to self-expressive and social value from self-directed and outer-directed value respectively. Self-directed value focuses on self-focused value such as personal identity, while outer-directed value is related to social identity and social situations (Tynan et al 2009). Economic value is referring to economic investment value due to the limitation of available products and their raising price.

Relationship among e-service quality, perceived value and satisfaction The research of Chang (2010) explain that e-service quality can influence on the consumers’ perceived value, thereby have an impact on the level of satisfaction of consumers, then the loyalty of consumers to the brand. In addition, two aspects related to online shopping satisfaction was supported by McKinney (2002), one is website information content’s quality; the other is the performance of information delivery. Both points will influence the perception of consumers...
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