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Topics: Marketing, Brand equity, Market Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: April 25, 2014
 Introduction : Have you ever stopped sometime to think about what is the importance of brand equity? why it is important to achieve in any country by the right way ?what is the relation between brand equity and the marketplace? Yet, brand equity is not implemented well in Egypt .Thus, managing the brand equity well equal flourishing the economy and increasing the buying powers. Literature Review: Brand equity is a wide topic that had been studied by many various marketers and researchers in the past and now in the present. The main reason behind the essentiality of this topic is it have a direct influence on the market place, increasing the consumer buying powers and in flourishing the economy. so if we started from the consumers point of view we will find that According to (keller, 1993) he defined the customer-based brand equity as the effect of brand knowledge on consumer's reaction or response to the marketing of the brand ; While (Monger, 2012) stated that there are two ways for measuring the customer –based brand equity either by the direct approach or the indirect one .Switching to another different arguments about the importance of brand equity for service markets as (Davis, 2000) said before as well as (Aaker, 1991) stated the importance of brand equity in developing an effective marketing programs and he mentioned that the brand equity plays a an important factor of effecting the purchase decision of the customer ; (caroline, 2003) she stated the great impact of brand equity on the brand extension. Therefore, the study of the brand equity was conducted on more than 100 persons to see the importance of the brand equity and it is impact on the market share and the consumer buying decisions Methods : secondary data about customer-based brand equity ,brand equity across products and markets and the value of the brand equity and the measurement of it were gathered and collected through internet, online books and other research papers .after that...
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