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3.Analysis of Data7.
4.Primary Data Analysis9.
5.Analysis of Packaged Atta Users15.
6.Analysis of Chacki Atta Users18.
7.Analysis of Home Flour Mill Atta Users21.


India has always been an attractive market because of its size; several factors have fuelled the Big guns enthusiasm to enter the food industry now. The developments on the foreign direct investment front allowing companies to own 100 per cent in the food processing sector, the removal of the dividend balancing norms, the reservation of select segments in the food processing sector, has made a presence in the Indian market a feasible proposition. The basic objective of this project is to have an insight of the Branded Atta Industry and to see what drives the big guns in such an industry which has gone untapped since years. An attempt is made to understand the consumer preference in such a product and what companies can do to get the desirable market share because the key here is volume.

The survey was conducted in Mumbai and the respondents were selected carefully so that the diverse culture of the town would help us to study the consumption of atta by different religion in different forms. Sampling:

Judgment Sampling was selected for the purpose of sampling. Sample size
Due to time constraint the sample size was restricted to 150 respondents but a diverse sample was targeted. Method of Collection:
The project demanded an extensive first hand data collection so primary data was major source of information but even secondary data through reliable sources played an important part in the completion of the project Tools for Survey:

A structured questionnaire was administered to collect data so that it would help in getting the best inputs in the project and formulate an strategy based on the database.

While India has always been an attractive market because of its size, several factors have fuelled the MNC’s' enthusiasm to enter the food industry now. INDIA is one of the world's largest food producers, yet branded foods account for an inconsequential proportion. Among the various food industry segments, the largest is wheat. Estimates of the industry's size vary, but it is generally put at around Rs. 80,000 crores. This estimate may be far off the mark, but there is no disputing the Indian market's vastness for mass-consumption items such as wheat products. Considering the industry's size and low brand penetration, international giants have set their sights on the nascent Indian market for branded wheat products -- biscuits, breads, packaged atta and innovations such as chapattis. Obstacles still exist

However, to ensure a full-fledged presence, companies still have to overcome huge obstacles. One, imports are unviable in the long-run. Indian food products are one of the cheapest in the world and competing with them based on a strategy of imports is an unviable proposition. The cost of labour is very low and even with a gradual decline in customs duties; imports of even the high-priced varieties are likely to remain out of the market's reach. There are constraints on having a manufacturing presence as well. With control still on raw materials, such as wheat and sugar, and a high import tariff regime, it would not be easy for manufacturing companies to control costs. Both these factors appear to give entrenched players an advantage. As for packaged atta, the...
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