Report on Pizza Hut Pakistan

Topics: Brand, Branding, Brand equity Pages: 8 (2052 words) Published: June 7, 2013

M.Qsim Javed 5792
Syed Salman Qadri 5266
Syed Umair Hussain 4612

Purpose: This study examines the effects of return on brand equity of costumers; cross sectional data is collected from the sample size of 60 observations. Methodology: A quantitative methodology was adopted based on the cross sectional data from 2010. OLS technique and spss is used while making analysis.


Key Words: Brand reliability, brand intentions, brand loyalty, brand satisfaction, brand equity. Paper type: research paper
1: Introduction

2. Literature Review
2.1Theoretical Background

2.2 Empirical studies:
* Delgado-Ballester and Munuera-Alema´n investigated that Does brand trust matter to brand equity? by using primary data through survey conducted in a region in the southeastern part of Spain, resulting in 271 surveys. Brand trust, Brand Loyalty, Brand equity & Overall satisfaction variables are considered. Confirmatory factor analysis and scale reliability techniques have been used. Results shows that brand trust does not play a full mediating role as suggested by Morgan and Hunt (1994), it contributes to a better explanation of brand equity. These results have significant implications for both scholarship and practice.

* Buil and et al investigated the influence of brand equity on consumer responses by using the primary data through survey of two European countries. Brand awareness, Perceived quality, Brand loyalty, Brand associations, overall brand equity, Price premium, Brand extension, Brand preference & Purchase intention variables are considered. Factor analysis techniques have been used. Result shows that brand equity dimensions inter-relate. Brand awareness positively impacts perceived quality and brand associations. Brand loyalty is mainly influenced by brand associations.

* Delassus & Descotes investigated that Brand name substitution and brand equity transfer by using primary data through survey data from a sample of 300 consumers served for the test of the research propositions. Brand image, Perceived quality & Loyalty variables are considered. Regression analysis techniques have been used. Result shows that five key influence factors that marketing managers can use to transfer brand equity in the case of brand name substitution, based on consumers’ knowledge of the brand change, attitude toward brand change, perceived similarity between the old and new brands, degree of attachment to the initial brand, and recognition of the presence of an umbrella brand. It is recommend marketing managers to pay attention to these five key determinants of brand equity transfer when brand names change.

* Tim Ambler investigated that how much of brand equity is explained by trust by using primary data

* Rios & Riquelme investigated that traditional approach to measuring brand equity applies to online companies by using primary data. Band equity, loyality, value, trust & awareness variables are considered. Discriminant validity, Convergent validity, Structural model estimation techniques are used. The results support the view that a consumer’s perceived sense of value resulting from a transaction with an online business develops loyalty. Also, brand-trust association and brand awareness indirectly contribute to creating brand equity through their influence on loyalty. Loyalty is by far the most important source of brand equity because of its direct influence and mediating role in creating brand equity.

* Pappu, Quester & Cooksey research aims to improve the measurement of consumer-based brand equity by using primary data. Brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality,...
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