Reinventing Stella Artosi

Topics: Brand equity, Branding, Stella Artois Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: February 21, 2014

Reinventing Stella Artois

Louis O. Rollins

Marketing 506: Marketing Management
Dr. MaryAnn Lamer

Case Analysis Summary
Stella Artois, what was it and how could it be made into a brand that would be known globally? The company Interbrew had a vision to make one of its premium brands globally known as a brand of quality taste and good times. Interbrew chose Stella Artois it has a long heritage in the European community; it has history of brewing beers dating back to 1366. It had some success in the United Kingdom also in France and Belgium. These successes were losing their appeal and their slogan of “reassuring expensive” was ineffective as the company had reduced the price order to get more exposure to the common crowd, that didn’t have the money to afford something expensive. This success turned into failure as the beer was bought in large quantities and was nicknamed “wife beater”. This gave the brand an undesirable image of being drunk by a beer-swilling aggressive type of man. Taking this all into consideration, where and how does the company re-launch the brand in a favorable light where it can be established with the affluent appeal that it was originally intended. In order to shed the image that the “wife beater” was a cheap beer the company will have to raise prices. Would this cause the brand to lose ground with the “normal” people and would it attract enough affluent crowds to launch the beer into a money-earning product again? The company has to determine the feasibility of the beer being a global brand as stated before using one of the premium beers would be prudent but are they choosing the right one to compete and win a respectable share of the market? The company Interbrew is now the fourth largest brewer in the world. The strategies that the company should consider are: Look at the pros and cons of becoming a global brand; how is the management strategy discussed? The current business model is to have...

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