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Red Bull’s Brand Equity
Advance Brand Management class of 2012 fall

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Red Bull concept of brand equity
How can Red Bull maintain brand equity?
What marketing strategy should they use?
Would you recommend that Red Bull develops brand extensions? What would the benefits and risks be?


•Red bull GmBH‐Founded in 1985 by Dietrich Mateschitz
•Launched in Austria in 1987: Slogan “Red Bull gives you Wings”
•1997: available in 25 global markets
•2004: annual sales of 2 billion cans in more than 120
•Strong Competition and regulatory roadblocks not able
to dislodge from market leader position

Red Bull’s concept of brand Equity
 Brand Elements
• Red Bull brand name and Logo
• Slogan "Red Bull gives you wings"
• Distinctive 250ml slim blue and silver can
 Marketing Programs to build Brand Equity :
• Event Marketing: Exclusive events like Red Bull Cliff diving, Red Bull Pop life, etc, that increase Red Bull brand awareness
• Sports Marketing: Establish credibility among extreme sports athletes, and then provide sponsorship to these athletes
• Point of purchase Marketing: micro-targeting shops ,clubs, bars, placing miniature glass refrigerators, which prominently displayed the Red Bull logo

Red Bull’s concept of brand Equity
 Product Strategy
• Perceived premium product
• Premium pricing strategy
• Product placement: empty cans in pubs
 Channel strategy
• Pull strategy, by promoting Red Bull among opinion leaders • Advertising mainly through word of mouth

How can Red Bull maintain brand equity?
Sustaining sources of Brand Equity
 Protecting sources of Brand Equity
• “Red Bull gives you wings”
• Red Bull logo unchanged
• Consistent positioning “Energy Drink”
• Copyrighting the brand elements
 Fortifying versus leveraging
• Event marketing: Red Bull Flugtag
- Fortified Brand equity as the event was a perfect
fit with Red Bull’s image
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