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Pyramid Induskies
Memorandum lnternal


June 200X 3, Ken Ogata, Director Ssvices Hurnan Resource Laurie Glaze, Manager lnformation Services


TEMPOMRY SUBJECT DEVELOPING FOH USING PROCEDURES EMPLOYEES detailing recommendations At your rdluest amsubmitting report I this my forimproving of within theuse temporary employees departments Pyramid. recommendations in all My based myown on experierrce hundreds temporary with of are employees onrgyinand with other department terviews managers. Background P/ramid increasednumber service has iis o{ accounis 58to'97 thepast from over three yean. period number permanent During same tha{ employees increased the of has only Because have been to findqualified we 12percent. nol able individuals asfullto hire we been time ernployees,have forced rely temporary to on employees heavily more than past Pyramid required services 189 Dnogthe year ever before. the of has temporary er,ployees. JoePittarelliHuman in Besource Services reports hedoes expect employthat not the picture improve thefutuni. fmlsthat lo ment in He willprobably continue hire to foramid large numberstemporary of employeesat leasl next years. for the two Problem employees hired department managers have experience who little Terporary are by in planning work, supervising fu a result, productivity iemps, acquiring their u them. the of thetemps notalways greal it couhbe.Mueova, sornetimes expensive, is as as we hire skilled indivlfuals routine highly for tasks. Tleseworkers bored tfelr assigned are with tai{$ and dissatisfied their with experbrce Pyramid; at hence refuse retwn. they to FFxtr€s reve,aled almoSt A srrey of ourdepartment and an unanimous d+ manag€rs supervisors to sirefora standard ofprocedures set Department relating temporary'employees. mancorcerned deft$ng needs managing witr and agers especi#y were thd; temps

Includes signature here thanat rather end report and Announces establishes sources of data

Presents that facts suggest significance of problem

details Provides that justif need for change


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Report-Pas,e FtcuREto.c Recommendation 2

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Ken Ogata

2 Page

3, June 200X



de-. Many Human Resource managers prepared to helpdepartment managers use forms the of in flnetheir needs. study One indicated prepared improved quality hiring that forms were in 70% companies used of that them. Jhese marked improvements suppodedinforlnternational. maldiscussions human with resource oersonnel al'Rescom the of of kt Toaddress issue effective management Don author The o{temps, Swenki, of andPractice Management, maintains productivitynew employees increases ihat of are guidelines when supervisors provided management their tofollow. contmts with My guidelines lnternational thatsince say new at Rescom establishing covaing managerial percent innew a turnover. Rescom seen 42 has drop employee employees, I







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Conclusions the of emPyramid improve productivity, could effectiveness,morale itstemporary and ployees insiituting (1) changesthree in and by areas: establishing communicating stanproceduresdepartments for requesting (2)introducing temps, techniques for dardized to depatnent managerslollow when temps anive, p)providing fint and for suggestions after adequate supervision temps onthejob., are Recornmendations prepare Temps.recommend Human that Resource System Req.esting for I Services a complete they when need form supavisors thai temporary employees. form reThe will quire precisely skills required thetasks managersindicate lo what are for to depadment Requests temps for through becom$eted. should bechannelled oneoffice, as then such Human Besource Seruices. Inboducing Temps \Yorkforce. Procedures{or to that I recommend Human Resource with Servibes,...
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